Shalom chaverim (friends in Hebrew)

Once again I want to thank you for your prayer support. We can never be grateful enough to God and to each one who comes with us in spirit as we bring the Word! We went back to the high-rise apartment buildings and it was a double blessing since we gave a total of 8 sets coupled with some great conversations. We began the evening in a step of faith. Both Sarah and Danielle went to revisit the woman who was not home last week, in order that she might receive the bible they promised her. At first, she did not answer their ring from the lobby. But then, a man passed by and opened the front door for them. They decided to knock on the lady’s door just in case…in case God was there and He was! She opened her door and was very joyful to see Danielle and Sarah and took the set! She didn’t open the door at first because she hadn’t heard the ring……But praise the Lord that He would have this woman called on two times…God repeated the names of at least 7 people… Moses, Moses!! Abraham Abraham!! Martha Martha!! Simon Simon!! And each of these double calls were significant in bible history . This woman had her door rung two times and she answered the call. We pray she will answer the greater call that will lead her through the everlasting doors of eternity. Perseverance pays and there are no returns on this kind of purchase because God’s word does not return void.

This past Monday night we were 2 teams: Danielle P. and Marc L. who had been absent for many weeks because of work obligations. Marc was very glad to rejoin the team. The second team was Sarah B and myself (Hugues). We started fresh, beginning the evening in a building we had not been in before. The very moment we arrived, and I did not even have time to say, “I have a feeling someone will come soon to open up for us”, it happened! As Sarah said, “God literally opens doors when we serve Him!”

At the first apartment door, a woman in her late 20’s told us she would be more comfortable with just the Old Testament. I told her that our New Testament publication contained neither annotations nor commentaries. When she asked us what we take as truth, we told her we believe in a Messiah that is God-made-Man Who had to reconcile us to Him. “Surely”, we confirmed, “He was not a man who became God. After all, we do not worship idols!” She was listening carefully and finally took the New Testament. This was so great!

At the next door, a woman and her daughter met us. She said yes for a French bible set but since we had just given away the French set at the previous door, we told her we would get some from the car and come back. As we were going down the stairs, the lady came after us, asking, “Can you bring 2 sets? I want to give one to my daughter!” The door that opened for a double blessing! As this mother took concern for her daughter, let us rejoice in reflecting how the Lord takes concern for us, as His children.”Jerusalem, Jerusalem [another name repeated twice!] you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.”

A few doors later, we met an Israeli woman. I was glad to introduce her to the Hebrew Scriptures and even practice a bit of Hebrew with her. She accepted the set! Another door down the hall, a man in his 60’s wearing a very sophisticated housecoat opened up. His apartment was very well decorated with all kinds of elegant paintings. He gladly took a set! We pray that he will discover the beauty of the One who has a design on his life… the One of Who makes everything beautiful in its time… and a masterpiece painting may take a life time to finish. Finally, we met a woman, who told me in Hebrew that although she speaks the language, she does not read it well and only reads French. I suggested that we bring her a copy in French but she refused. In all, our team had only 3 or 4 refusals so it was another night with more acceptances than refusals! We consider this a miracle!

Marc and Danielle also had a very blessed evening! Here is what Marc reported:

At one door, we knocked and heard someone touch the door handle but the door didn’t open. Danielle knocked again. Then a mother with 4 young kids (1 young boy around 8, 2 teen girls and a baby girl of 3-4 month) appeared and it looked like they were just about to go to sleep. We offered them the set and the mom happily took it, including the Brit Chadasha. When looking at the New Testmanet, she said, “I know this one!” During our conversation, Marc winked and smiled at the young boy, and he smiled back! No fear at all, it seemed as both mom and her children were all smiles. And how carefully they listened! Wow ! What a blessed moment!… We almost felt like part of their family!

A little while later, a Ukrainian man in his 40’s opened up his door. He was calm and shared a smile with us. He took the Tanach and said he had lived in Israel for a couple of years. When Danielle mentioned

Isaiah 9:6, and the name El Gibbor (which means mighty God in Hebrew) he wanted more. We brought him to the Scriptures and asked him to read it. He said he would read it later, but he did put the Messianic bookmark right in that spot. Danielle encouraged him to read the entire 53rd chapter of Isaiah. He then asked us if we knew the numerical value of the Hebrew letters (the Kabbalah approach). Danielle quickly answered that God says He never speaks in secret (Isaiah 45:19). Danielle also told him that the prophecy of Micah 5:2

was accomplished through His birth in Bethlehem. I added that the Word is so precise that it states Bethlehem Ephrata because there were 2 Bethlehems in Israel. God gave this detail to keep all the geography straight, especially when it comes to events so close to the Messiah. The man literally kept his eyes wide opened and really listened, often looking inside the Tanach while we were talking with him. We were unsure whether to continue with him or not. But as we did speak for a while, we noticed how beautiful his wooden mezuzah was. He said his uncle made it for him. Tell a Jew to knock on wood and he probably thinks you are simply providing a lucky charm as a means to get out of some trouble. In reality and truth, the term knocking on wood may be rooted in the event of the crucifixion… meaning that you will find protection in that circumstance because Yeshua (Jesus) went on the wooden cross to carry your circumstance for you. We hope this would knock them off their feet and knock sense into their hearts! And now that His precious Word has gone into peoples’ houses all we have to do is to pray that it will also find a place in their souls forever!

God bless you all!


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