The Bible is not a math book, yet we continue daily to add up the blessings, multiplying that by God’s grace, dividing these blessings among the Body of believers and making every effort to subtract sin that limits our growth.  As big as God is, for the heaven of heavens cannot contain Him, He will use the smallest of things to magnify His greatness: only a handful of flour in a bowl and little oil in the jar  amounted to endless provision for a widow and her son. We too are small, like sands of the sea, but not to God; He has counted us worthy to die for. We praise our great God Who counts on even the smallest things like us, to demonstrate the majesty of His great glory.

Shalom from Montreal:

This Monday night we had one team and blessed to have another sister in the faith join as we went from door to door. Five sets were given and we had about the same number of refusals. We were blessed to share the Word of God with a French speaking Jewish woman who invited the three of us to into the foyer of her home. There, we spoke about the holiness of God  and how no one can approach Him by good works. We also spoke about Abraham being made righteous because of his faith in God. We mentioned Leviticus 17:11 and how blood atones for our sins. We spoke about the temple sacrifices which then led our conversation to the Messiah of Israel in Whom only  we can be reconciled with God and made righteous. We encouraged her to read Isaiah 53 and she said she would. We also spoke about the importance of prophecy which makes up one third of the Holy Scriptures and how through these verses we can recognize the Messiah. We shared Zechariah 12:10 with her, pointing out that Israel will recognize Yeshua and mourn for Him as one would mourn for an only son. This repentance, we told her, would bring the Messiah’s return, leading to His reign in Jerusalem as King and bringing the nations of the world to worship Him. 

Once in the car and on our way back home, we were thanking God for His faithfulness, perseverance and love. The suburb which we are now covering  had already been done about five years ago, but repetition can be a good thing. We thank God and praise Him how He continues to knock on the door of the hearts of those who are lost. We thank Him for His grace and mercies and cannot imagine how He will multiply the blessings.

Danielle, Catherine and Pat


Shalom from Calgary:

We are grateful to Ariel Ministries Canada and to the Society for the Distribution of the Hebrew Scriptures for the opportunity to bring the Word of God to Jewish people in the city of Calgary.

Out  of some 420,000 residential homes in Calgary, approximately 4,200 homes have Jewish people residing in them.  In short that means 1 / 100 homes in Calgary will have at least one Jewish resident.  

What has been our norm for these outreaches is giving out two sets of Holy Scriptures per week.

And that is what happened last night.  What made it so interesting is that as soon as the door was opened they took the Hebrew Scriptures almost immediately, without even a conversation of any kind.  This was quite different from what we are accustomed to.  Next week we hope that doors, hearts, ears and eyes are opened and even respond, as we offer this beautiful gift.

Valerie and Donald


Shalom from Buffalo NY


Our report this week is short but only God knows how far reaching it is with His hand of blessing upon it.  We visited 34 homes of which 4 (we assume) were Jewish.  Only 1 person was home out of the 4. The lady of the house told us that theirs was a mixed marriage, her being Christian and her husband Jewish. She was very happy to receive the set for their home. We’ve now finished this area except to return to the other 3 homes.  Thank you for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

Nigel and Ellie


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