When life is a rush and we don’t take the necessary time to stop, admire and get refreshed, God uses signs to keep reminding us of this need. Fifty kilometers is your maximum, so slow down and soak in all the autumn hues. Going out on a Sunday afternoon has not only allowed us this privilege, but we were also blessed to give out 5 full sets, one English-only Bible and 4 New Testaments. Yes, dear readers, you read that right. Very often in our experience when full Bible sets are offered, some would take only the Tanach and refuse the New Testament. This past Sunday, there was a reversal in the trend. Four individuals said that they already had the Tanach, but not “that little one” (the New Testament is quite a bit smaller than the Old Testament) and so each of these 4 homes took just the New Testament.

Here is a report of those people who took an entire set.

At the first door, the gentleman asked who we were and why we were doing this. He was surprised. He was skeptical about the NT but we said it was a book written by Jews and contained a story about Jews. We opened it to the first page of Matthew which was the genealogy of Yeshua.  He then took it and said he would read it. At the next door, a woman in her 70’s also greeted us with the same, “Why do you do this?” We reassured her it was to bless her home and spoke to her about Isaiah 53 and Yeshua’s messianic claims. She very gladly took the set. At the third door a young woman in her 30’s received the set and whispered a “Thank you”, after having just put her kids down for an afternoon nap. Hopefully their nap would have provided mom with some good reading time. At the fourth door, a woman who was right in the middle of giving a course at her home, quickly received the books and thanked the team members. Prayerfully that book will set her on the right course in life. At the fifth door, a student greeted us, happily receiving the set, while letting us know that she would be sharing this with her parents. We also rang the door at a home where there was a mezuzah but when the gentleman answered we understood he was not Jewish. In fact, he was Muslim. We shared concerning Jesus and the need for man to be reconciled with God. Although resistant, he took the English-only bible which we offered and told us that he would read it.

Many of us are aware of why the leaves change color in the fall. What is important to note is that these colors of red and yellow and orange are actually already in the leaf during the entire summer. The green is dominant because of the chlorophyll which is being produced during those summer months. But when the nights become longer, and the temperatures begin to dip, less of the green chlorophyll is being produced by the leaf and so the authentic color of the leaf begins to show up, hence the red, yellow and orange. Why does the tree and its leaves respond to these obvious signals in the weather, but when the peaceful climate of our lives changes and we begin to see signs of the end, we make no changes to our own lives? Let’s let this fall season bring us to new heights as we share the evidence that our God can and will color our world as a brighter and much better place.

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