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Due to the rain, we did not go out on October 28th. This past Sunday (November 4th) proved to be a much better day in terms of the weather. There was one team who had the privilege of giving out two sets and one all English bible. From those who refused the set, they all received the Isaiah 53 pamphlets which includes Talmudic references verifying the suffering servant motif of the Jewish Messiah.  For those who weren’t home we put the Isaiah 53 leaflets and the prophecy bookmarks into their mailbox.

If anyone would like to have this Isaiah 53 leaflet emailed to them, please contact us and let us know.

From the two sets given, one homeowner asked that we just leave it at the door and they would later come to get it. The other was given to a man who quickly accepted without much conversation.  Although he was in his housecoat, he took the time to admit his appreciation for our coming and his receiving it. We did have good conversations with some who did not receive the sets. We shared with one man how the bible was one third prophecy and how we are approaching the end times when nations will rise up against Israel. We spoke of how world deliverance would come when the Messiah returns.  The gentleman took the Isaiah 53 leaflet. He acknowledged that its words were very descriptive of Yeshua.  We met a woman on the street who wasn’t Jewish but we had it on our hearts to offer her a bible (all English) and even though she said she was Christian she took the bible and said she cannot refuse the Word of God. She asked about our bible studies and how she might come to visit us at the congregation. Being street smart may lead you to become a Rhodes scholar, but travelling on the road to Emmaus can turn you into a true bible scholar.

Calgary Outreach

The following is an outreach report for Calgary which includes the last two Sundays, October 28th and November 4, 2019.
October 28th

In the aftermath of the horrific anti-Semitic killings in a Pittsburgh synagogue we kept a somber tone in our outreach for this particular night. Our prayers are still with the families affected by this unbelievably barbaric act. Out of the homes visited we were able to contact 2 respondents; both accepted our offer of the full set of Scriptures.

The first Jewish lady who responded to the knocking had a Russian accent and was very grateful for our visit. We communicated our support for the Jewish people and also shared in the importance of recognizing what the prophets said about the Messiah as well as how to identify Him. We added that even though things are looking very positive in Israel right now, the whole world will one day turn against the Jewish people, yet God promises His deliverance for those in the nation who will turn to their Messiah! She gladly accepted the Isaiah 53 leaflet. On that leaflet we added the Ariel Ministries web link for any further questions concerning the identity of the Messiah.

The second respondent was a young Jewish mom who also gladly accepted our offer of Scriptures along with the Isaiah 53 leaflet. She was very interested in what we shared on the topic of identifying the Messiah in Daniel 9, pointing to the Messiah as being Jesus of Nazareth!
November 4th

This week we revisited an area we had been to before, prior to moving onto a new subdivision.  We encountered many homes where Jews had moved out, sold or rented their place out to non-Jewish families. The first of our two respondents accepted our full set offer and seemed very opened to our message but when we asked if she could read Hebrew she said that she wasn’t Jewish. We were somewhat embarrassed to retake the set that she was so happy to receive and hold onto so we offered her in exchange an all-English bible; she said she already had one. We went on to explain the significance of the mezuzah on her door post. She was very interested when we clarified both its significance and the reason we visit our Jewish neighbors; to offer Bible sets so that they can discover from their own Scriptures (ie Isaiah 53) their Jewish Messiah! She encouraged us in our efforts. Her young daughter was absolutely enthralled by what we were saying to her mom about Jesus the Messiah!

The other respondent was a middle-aged Jewish lady who smartly used her back door to greet us so as to avoid her barking dogs from interfering with our discussions! There was a local rain shower but that didn’t stop her from coming out from the back to greet us. We felt this was a determination given to her from the Lord. We rarely had such an interested listener as we directly addressed the reality that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah as revealed in Isaiah 53. Her interest was so great that we opened the Brit Chadeshah (New Testament) and recommended her reading about Yeshua as revealed by the Jewish witnesses, starting with the Apostle John’s Gospel. We had to interrupt our time with her because the rain shower was intensifying but she was happy to give us her name, Annette, so that we could pray for her. We would appreciate your prayers so that we could revisit her in a few months’ time to answer any questions she might have. We bless the Lord that for the second week in a row, even though many were not at home, all accepted our offer of the Scriptures; praise the Lord!
Many thanks for those who contributed in praying for these last days efforts in reaching the Jewish people with their Messiah’s message of hope and deliverance in light of this increasingly hostile world.

Shalom to all!

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