We have in our past studies of Revelation spoken of the Kings from the East. This group of Kings is one of the four groups of powerful nations which will play a major role in the End Times.

The word East in Revelation is a combination of two words in the Greek. It is Anatole Helios which means the rising sun. Here, John sees a huge army of about 200 million men coming over the Euphrates and gathering in the Valley of Armageddon in Israel for the final war. And last week, we see a movement of these nations toward their assigned places in the Scriptures.

We have often referred to North Korea, a country often showing off its nuclear capabilities to the world. Last week it announced that it will make a move toward Ukraine. It will send some 300-500 personnel workers to the Donbas region helping Russia. The North Korean media says that these people will participate in construction and security. They are scheduled to be there by mid-February.

Five hundred personal is not that much, but it is a major move showing on which side they are. I am not sure they are going to build anything; perhaps they are instead preparing for more war in this region.