Sometimes cell phones do not work so well in buildings…but this time it did! We finished it all in one night!

We were three teams this past Monday night. It took us about one hour to find a building that would allow us entrance. Condos are difficult to get into because there often is security at the door.  We did find one apartment building but waited so long because there was no traffic of people going in and out; so finally, we left! Then, we found a building and started our outreach at around the time we usually finish, about 8:00pm. This building had 20 floors but not too many mezuzahs, so we had a cell phone system going where we would call each other and see which team would take which floor, starting from the 20th and working our way down.  And imagine, that we finished the whole building in just one night. God granted us favor as we handed out eight full sets and four Tanakhs.

Team One

A man took a set. When asked, told him we were doing this because we wanted to bless Jewish people. We shared that we believe the Scriptures to be the truth from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We told him how blessed we were that the Word was preserved throughout all generations, even until now. He was touched. We blessed him while leaving his door and told him we were praying that God would bless his heart while reading the books. We placed an Isaiah 53 pamphlet in his Tanakh.


A young woman took a set for her mother and thanked us.


A religious woman accepted a pamphlet on Isaiah 53.


Another woman said she had the best Canadian rabbi in her family and that she had all the books she needed. She explained that she closely followed the Law (of Moses) and that, though she respected other religions, she was fully satisfied with her belief. So, we said a few things about having a relationship with God and that we still need blood atonement despite the absence of the Temple.  We saw inquisitive eyes light up, as if she was suddenly missing something. She accepted an Isaiah 53 pamphlet while we were telling her that Messiah is coming back soon. We blessed her and left.



Team Two

First, we returned to the apartment where we had last week promised to bring a set.  The woman opened the door right away as if she was expecting us and took the books quickly and thanked us for bringing them to her.  Before closing the door however, she asked if we were volunteers and if we were Jewish. One team member is Jewish and said, “Yes” to both questions. The woman smiled back at this. This gave us the opportunity to give her a pamphlet on anti-Semitism which she gratefully took.


One set was given to a woman who said that she was not able to open her door at that moment. Through the door, we explained what we had to offer and asked if we could leave the Scriptures at her doorstep. She said yes and then agreed to receive the anti-Semitism pamphlet.


Another set was given to a man wearing a kippah (skullcap). We mentioned that we had a bookmark which pointed to the various Hebrew Bible’s verses concerning the Messiah.. We also gave him a pamphlet on ant Semitism.


At another door, a man claimed he was not religious. We explained that its about relationship, not religion. Though he refused the set, he was willing to accept the pamphlet on anti-Semitism. At that hour of the night we never know what to expect. This man had come to the door shirtless, and ready for his shower. May the Word cleanse him on the inside.


At the last door we met an older man who told us that he has everything he needs. We explained that it was free and that he could even offer it to a friend. Though he accepted the Tanakh, he refused the Brit Chadasha.



Team Three

We gave a French set to a young lady in her thirties who after receiving the set, threw her arms around one of the team members and gave her a kiss on the cheek!  She thanked us profusely and we left feeling that if this was the only set given out for the night, it was worth this one visit.

A young Jewish man waiting for his wife spoke to us for a few moments.  He had just returned from a vacation in Israel and was very touched by the gift saying that his wife would be very happy to read it.  We gave him the pamphlet on anti-Semitism and explained how it says in the Tanakh that it will become very bad for the Jewish people in the days ahead. We shared how God promised that Israel would always be protected because of His covenant with His chosen people.

Another young man came to his door and  was surprised that we were giving out a free set but he only wanted the Tanakh saying he should not take the “New Testament”. He then hesitated to take the Tanakh itself, but we told him the Scriptures are a blessing. He kept the Tanakh, thanked us and closed the door.

We met another young man who received the whole set, listening to us as to why we were there and thanked us saying we were very sweet.  We praise God for this young man’s politeness and willing acceptance of the Word.

Finally an older gentleman took the Tanakh only.  He seemed anxious to get back to his routine and so he thanked us for the gift and quickly closed his door.


Once again, we thank You Lord God, Who is almighty to save! Thank you, prayer warriors, as we walk these evenings together, respecting the Lord’s longsuffering but making haste in our own lives to accomplish His will in the lives of others.