Since the Covid 19 outbreak, many activities have come to a standstill. One of those ministries which was affected was the Knock and Talk outreach. It has been about one month since the group stopped going out, but they met up in another great way; the strategic battle plans changed their course of action. Instead of going to the doors, they are praying together by phone, remembering so many of those to whom they gave out Bibles and praising the Lord for all the great opportunities given them. They are fortifying themselves and covering each other until they get back on the battle front again, never losing sight of the ultimate victory, meeting Yeshua at the finish line. Please continue to pray with us that many would have their eyes supernaturally opened so that during this lockdown they would be able, by God’s grace,  to see the hand of God and hear His own battle cry of warnings to us all.

We would like to share with our readers some personal testimonies from the Knock and Talk team members.  These quieter times have given them opportunity to reflect and write about things close to their heart concerning Knock and Talk. This first report is from our sister who heads up the Knock and Talk teams. Be blessed as she shares her heart with you.

Where does my zeal and commitment come from? It is the love for God, the love for His Word, the love for the Jew. All of that is being held up by prayer.

It was God who opened my heart one day. A sister in the Lord approached me saying, “I have no one to go with, to help me deliver these books (Bibles) to the Jewish neighborhoods”. She explained that these Bibles were the Scriptures in the Hebrew language. As soon as I heard this request, my heart responded with a great desire to go with her.

I had only just started attending a Messianic Congregation at the time and so my knowledge of Jewish culture and mindset was still quite limited. So I simply told my sister in the Lord that if she thought I would be fit to do this work, I would like to go with her. She was astonished that I would accept to go so quickly because many people had not responded to her request for a partner. She accepted my offer with joy!

After submitting to the call and from the very first time we set out together, we did not understand what a ministry the Lord was establishing. By faith, we delivered the books that day, and today, 18 years later, this ministry is still active, only by the grace of God.

From the start when just a few books were given to the approximately three thousand sets which have been given out over the last eighteen years, the ministry has seen a great success because of God’s divine presence which goes before us. I see myself as so small before a great God who is sending me to deliver His Word. I go without any confidence in the flesh, but I am strengthened by faith that my God is walking before us as we go.

The mezuzah on the doorpost draws us to these Jewish homes so that we may distribute these free sets. It is so moving to see how Jewish people are very touched when Gentiles speak to them about the Scriptures, about the covenant that God made with them through their forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They are often surprised when we share the true purpose for God having chosen them, that they were to be and will be a nation of priests. We see how hungry some of them are for wanting to understand what the future holds, prophetically, for them as Jews as well as for Israel. Some have also shared their present personal hurts and pains that they are going through, and we have had opportunity to encourage them to find strength and meaning to life through the Word of God.

They are often so touched to see our own love for the Word and for them and we find that it is this love which melts down the first barrier, allowing for further conversation. Those first few seconds of dialogue at the door are so decisive as to whether a conversation will follow. We may not have another chance to share with these people, so we regard every word with utmost care. We know that it is only God who sees the hearts of those who open up their doors. He alone is the One who gives us the right words at the right time.  It is He who leads during these precious moments. We depend on Him, guided by His Spirit. This is what we are learning in this ministry: to fully rely on the Lord and His Word of Truth.

I would like to share as well how seriously every aspect to this ministry is considered. As leader of the Knock and Talk Teams, even the preparation beforehand takes prayer in the decision making. I prepare all the Bibles, pamphlets, bookmarks, etc. the day before, making sure that each team has an appropriate number of English and French sets. Also, I pray about which team members would go out together, depending on who is able to come. It is important that we switch up the teams so that the sisters and brothers can get closer to one another as they share this great experience together. They can then have opportunity to see how the other one speaks or shares at the door and so we learn from one another in our different approaches. When the weather is questionable (icy streets, rain, etc.) prayer needs to be put in place to determine whether we go out at all. I usually consult with all the team members to hear their heart on the matter as well. We always make sure to have a time of prayer before and after the outreach, to prepare us in advance and then to celebrate the outcome of the evening. We then have opportunity to eat some chocolates together, which the pastor often prepares for us as a sweet reminder that we are all in this together.

There are no words to describe the joy that is set before us when we have had a chance to obey the call and share the love that God has put in our hearts for the Jewish people.

And through all these years, this ministry would not been what it has become without the power of prayer. All the brothers and sisters who have kept this ministry going by their fervent and consistent supplications, have been with us in reaching and touching the lost. While they might not be up front and visible, these prayers are our backbone, heard before our Father in heaven. We are instruments of God, a work of His Hand, moved by the fervent prayers of the saints and walking by faith.

May the name of the Lord be blessed!