28 instead of 300 – Why?


There was one event which filled a large part of media coverage last week. It concerned the German Leopard 2 tanks which Ukraine wants so badly. Have you heard about these tanks? They are considered to be among the best in the world for their precision and speed.

The story about these tanks all began Friday, January 20th when 50 countries agreed to provide Ukraine with billions of dollars’ worth of military hardware to push back Russian forces. However, Germany hesitated to send its Leopard tanks or allow other countries to transfer them to Ukraine. Unlike the other members of NATO, there was silence from Germany and some newscasters even called this delay a mystery.

Why were they hesitating? By the middle of the week, and after much negotiations, Germany finally agreed to send 14 tanks and so far, they have allowed Poland to send another 14 tanks. This might sound good, but Ukraine had asked for 300 of them to be able to make a military offensive possible. Should we be surprised by this act of hesitation? Perhaps not because Bible prophecies point out that Germany may and in the near future, join Russia. This is based on Ezekiel’s prophecy of the war of Gog and Magog, a war which will usher the coming of the Messiah.

This is how rabbinical commentators understand it. Among Gog’s allies, Ezekiel mentions a nation named Gomer, which both the Babylonian and the Jerusalem Talmud identify as the people of Germania (b. Yoma 10A.J Megillah 1.71B.47).  These people or this nation Gomer was mentioned 2600 years ago and is seen joining the forces of Gog and Magog, understood by many ancient and some modern commentators to be Russia and its allies.

Today, while some understand this hesitation by Germany as a dependence on Russian fuel or some other economic reason, it may very well be that in the very near future, Germany will make an even greater political alliance with Russia. Have Russian and German seeds of friendship been even further rooted? Time will tell.

Germany, however, is not alone in her leniency to Russia. Another member of NATO is mentioned by Ezekiel as joining the coalition of Gog and Magog. In the same prophecy, after mentioning Gomer, Ezekiel speaks of Beth-Togarmah. This one is a little more complicated to identify but its location includes the country of Turkey.

Did we consider that among the NATO members, Turkey did not, at the beginning of the war on Ukraine, impose sanctions on Russia or cancel flights between the two countries. Later, however, it did impose some sanctions, but these were very light in nature. And just a short time ago, Turkey announced that it will allow Russian warships through its seas, to reach the Black Sea.  Today it remains the friendliest country to Russian among the NATO nations.

So, both these countries, Germany and Turkey, may very well make the jump over to the other side, perhaps triggering a new phase which will usher the coming Antichrist. These may be small parts of the puzzle that is forming in front of our eyes, ones which will point to the Savior’s soon coming.