Not long after, we met C., a very intelligent young Orthodox Jewish woman who had studied Koine Greek, the language and dialect of the New Testament.

Thursday October 14

One team went to a shopping area. The sun chased away the rain just as we arrived. We gave out around 30 pamphlets.

We spoke at length on many subjects to a young Israeli man with Russian background who had previously dealt with some unhealthy habits. We spoke about the two comings of Messiah and how our sins are forgiven. We encouraged him to read Isaiah 53, of which he carefully took note. He accepted literature and a full set. We encouraged him to listen to Beth Ariel messages. When we prayed for him in Yeshua’s name, even he said, “Amen” aloud. Let’s pray for him.


Sunday October 17

Two teams went out to shopping areas.


The first team gave out 35 pamphlets, two sets, and an English Bible to an Iranian man who said he was a Christian but didn’t have the Scriptures. We spoke to him of the value of reading the Word and asked him to pray for Israel. He was very grateful.

A 98-year-old Hungarian Jewish man received a full set. He said he loved to read. We told him how he could listen to the messages on the internet, too. His grandson was with him but declined the offer of a set.

A middle-aged woman received a full set as well as other literature. We spoke about the third Temple, the False Prophet, and the importance of learning prophecy now. We said anti-Semitism will finally end when Messiah is reigning, when the fourth Temple will be established in Jerusalem.


The second team began at a grocery store where we have witnessed on quite a few occasions. The manager had said we could do so only with his permission. This time, he told us he had decided no group or individual with religious or political literature should be at his store in order to be fair to those with different views. We thanked him for our past opportunities and went to a nearby shopping area.

There, we gave out only seven pamphlets because not many shoppers were out.

We drove to another commercial area and gave out another five pamphlets. Not seeing many people at one store, we walked to a second one. It just didn’t seem like a day when Jewish people were doing their shopping and we were thinking of going to a nearby park, but one member felt we should stay. It was obviously the Lord who was leading the whole time.

Not long after, we met C., a very intelligent young Orthodox Jewish woman who had studied Koine Greek, the language and dialect of the New Testament. Because she said the best source for documents in that Greek was the “Christian Bible,” she had read the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) and Revelation.

We had a lengthy conversation with her, asking her over twenty questions to help her think through the connections between her extensive knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. We were so grateful to see how the Lord had been preparing her for years for this conversation.

One subject was on how uncleanness and cleanness were transmitted. Agreeing how easily one person can easily make another unclean, she stopped to think about how one is made clean. She then said no one would be clean or holy enough to walk into the Temple now, even if it were standing. Then we showed her from Isaiah 53 how the Messiah, the Righteous One, can make us righteous and clean through His permanent atonement. We encouraged her to discover the identity of the one we see in that chapter.

On the divinity of Messiah, she was very surprised to read that Eve thought she had given birth to a God-Man as is clear from the Hebrew reading of Genesis 4:1. She had recently seen the passage from the weekly Torah portions.

Able to read the Brit Chadashah in the original Greek, she didn’t want one in Hebrew and English, but took our bookmark of messianic prophecy (she was so happy to have one for herself, saying she would memorize it otherwise!) and an Isaiah 53 leaflet. She has seen where Beth Ariel meets and said she planned to visit our web site, saying she had a lot to think about. It was an extraordinary conversation we will never forget. Please pray for C., who we pray may soon receive her promised Messiah.


Thank you for your continued prayer support. We will soon begin our Chanukah outreach. Shalom!