Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Sunday, November 27

5 sets and 1 Tanakh were given

3 people prayed with the team, to receive Messiah.


The evening was cool, and the team needed to use handwarmers on this evening.  They approached a door where a young man opened his front door ever so slightly but when he saw the gift set and was told that it was free, he opened it widely to receive it. All this with much surprise and thankfulness.

A woman with two children by her side came to the door wearing their pyjamas.  The mom was very happy to receive the gift set and said that she would teach her children the stories and the little one said thank you as they closed the door.

Another woman who accepted the set actually did not see it as she could not come to the door but instructed the team to leave the set in her mailbox.

A woman who was a teacher for grades 1 and 2 accepted the set saying she was happy to have the extra reading.  Hearing that, the team offered her the Isaiah 53 leaflet, and spoke about the Messiah and the righteousness that He offered to all who would receive Him.  The other people who received the sets were grateful but there were no long conversations.


Sunday, November 27th

10 gift sets were given out and 1 English Bible


The team of two women were out on a cloudy but mild day.  They had planned on going to one mall, but the driver made a mistake, and they went instead to another mall that they frequent.  Little did they know that it was God’s intervention and not a mistake.

One team member approached a lonely looking Jewish woman from Romania who was sitting on her own. She willingly accepted the gift set and said that she was sad because her husband had died recently from brain cancer. She was worried about her son. The team member spoke to her about the coming Messiah and how He will bring righteousness to all those who believed in Him.  She accepted prayer and was encouraged to use the information on the back of the pamphlet where it had the pastor’s information.

Afterwards, a team member met a couple from the States who were evangelists and who encouraged the team member to continue her ministry.

A woman from Bolivia shared with the team member about her life in Canada and accepted the set.  Encouraging the lady to know who the Messiah was, the team member explained the gospel to her, and the woman agreed to accept Yeshua as her Lord and Savior and so prayed in her language so that she understood the meaning of her prayer.

The other team member met a man who was staring at her and the boxes of bibles in the trunk of her car.  She was getting the gift bags together and as she turned, she was surprised to see him standing there.  She asked him about his faith, which was Catholic and if he wanted to have a bible as it was a gift. He began to flip through the pages, so the team member asked if he knew who the Messiah was.  Saying no, she led him with a small booklet through the salvation message with the Scriptures telling of how He came to save the lost.  Being curious, he listened intently and when it came to accepting his sin and repenting, he took the booklet to read the prayer.  With a big smile he said he felt so much better and that he knew he was now saved.

A woman was approached at her car.  Thinking she was Jewish she was offered the set.  She said that she was not Jewish, but her sister-in-law was and would like to have the set to give to her.  She then asked for a second set to give to her own son who had shown interest in the Jewish traditions since he was a small boy. He was even begun to learn Hebrew in order to read the Scriptures. Asking about her faith she said that she was Catholic. Speaking about the seconding coming of Messiah, she was told how the Jewish people believed it will be at His only coming. Wondering out loud, she expressed a hope how one day everyone would be praising God with one heart.  Hearing this, the team member asked if she knew for certain that she was saved.  Again, she listened to the Scriptures and being asked if she would like to receive Jesus as her Lord she said, “Let’s go for it” and was immediately filled with tears and was so thankful to have met the team.


It was a very fruitful day, and the teams praise the Lord for His faithfulness in walking with them and teaching them how to reach out to others, and having compassion on them.