Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures


November 15th, 2022

Door to Door Report

Two sets and one Tanakh were given out on a cold evening that required gloves and hats, but God kept us warm. The team met a couple who were studying Kabbalah, and yet they accepted the pamphlet on Antisemitism.

They met a man who had a mezuzah on his door but was in fact, a Christian and they spoke to him about Jesus being the Messiah.  They encouraged him to find a church and to look up Beth Ariel’s website and to listen to the messages. He had just moved to Montreal and was not familiar with the churches in his neighborhood.

They had another conversation with a Jewish man who had received a Tanakh years ago and had many questions to ask.  He invited them into his entrance, and they spoke with him for 20 minutes. They asked if he knew Yeshua as he had questions about His identity. They spoke about the covenants of God and the resurrection. The team member then told him that at the resurrection, a new covenant came into effect and the ultimate fulfillment of the new government will be when Yeshua comes back to reign in Jerusalem. They spoke about persecution and the promises given by God, as well as  about Isaiah 53 showing us that the Messiah is the only one who could make us righteous.

At another door, they were taken aback when they suddenly saw a lady sitting outside by her door, out of sight and by a garbage can.  She said, “Hello” (as if out of the blue) and the team got frightened.  However, what followed was a conversation about the love and peace of Yeshua and that He would return one day to bring that peace.

An elderly man came to the door and received the set with a grand gesture of opening up his hands.  It was a touching and beautiful moment for the team. He also took the Isaiah 53 leaflet and the bookmark.


November 18th, 2022

23 pamphlets, 2 gift sets, 1 Tanakh and 1 Bible were given.

The team of two ladies were out on a cool but calm day.  They encountered a young woman who had moved to Montreal a few years ago from Iran.  She told the team that she had been born a Muslim to which the team member said that was not possible because being a Muslim is a religion. The team member explained how we should instead see it as being brought up in Muslim tradition. That seemed to trigger something in the woman as they began to speak of Yeshua and how only the Messiah could make her righteous. She began to cry and continued to do so throughout their entire conversation. At an opportune moment they asked her if she would like to receive Yeshua as her Lord and Savior.  Saying yes, she prayed the prayer of salvation with the team and was overcome with emotion.  She said that she would come to the congregation on that following Saturday, which she did.  Praise God for a beautiful moment when this gentle young woman became a child of God.  Let us be in prayer for her.

The team also gave a set to an elderly Jewish woman through her Christian caregiver. She received the Isaiah 53 leaflet and the Antisemitism pamphlet and said that she would put the radio on for her client to listen to.

A young woman who said she was twenty-five had just arrived from France.  They talked about Yeshua and how He was the promised Messiah.  She understood all that was spoken to her, and she took their contact information so that she could call the office.  She also said that she would try and visit the congregation.

All in all, there was no persecution that day and people were grateful to receive all the literature given.


Team #2 Nov. 18, 2022 

8 sets were given

The second team’s conversations were short that day as people seemed in a hurry.  They gave out sets in two different locations that day, in a small shopping mall as well as on a quiet street near a Jewish bakery.

One conversation was with a woman from Uzbekistan and as she understood English, they gave her a set in Hebrew/English.  To their surprise she asked for a second set for her grandson.  She wanted to have further conversation with the team and invited them to come to her home and gave them her number.  She took the Antisemitism pamphlet and was given the congregation’s website contact information. They spoke about faith and how she could look through the Scriptures to find where it speaks of the Messiah and His redemptive power.  Showing her the bookmark, they also pointed her to the many Messianic prophecies which spoke of His two comings.

An extraordinary thing happened while still at the mall.  Two young Jewish Orthodox men were passing by and deliberately stopped at their side.  They offered them a newsletter and a small gift box of shabbat candles.  The team responded that they did not have money to give them, but the young men offered the gift anyway.  They offered a Shabbat Shalom (peaceful Sabbath) to them and smiled as they left.  That encounter was truly a miracle as it was quite obvious that the team members themselves were not Jewish.  Our Messiah is indeed working in the hearts of the Jewish people opening the way to receiving their Messiah.

The teams were very grateful for the prayers of the saints as they went door to door and on the streets.  Praise God for one new cherished child born into His kingdom and counted in His Book of Life.