Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Thursday, May 18th, shopping mall

1 Gift set, 11 Anti-Semitism (4 French, 7 English) pamphlets, 8 Shavuot pamphlets were given.

The team of three ladies were at a local shopping mall on a sunny day. Two of this team report that they gave a set to a Moroccan woman who lived in Israel. She was happy to receive the set and took a contact business card with the website and radio shows listed.

A man they met did not take the set, but they spoke for about 25 minutes. He said that he did not think the Brit Chadashah was Jewish but was told that this book was written by the Jewish people and showed him where he could find writings of the prophesies on the first coming of the Messiah. He had been brought up in an orthodox home and felt he was a slave to orthodoxy and therefore left that faith.  He mentioned that he spoke to God himself. At that point they told the man that they believed Yeshua was the Messiah and that God alone could free man from their sins and redeem them. Giving him an Isaiah 53 leaflet, they told him that rabbis in the first century spoke of this Messiah. Throughout history they said only a minority of Jewish people believed the truth, giving the example of Elijah who thought he was the only believer, yet God had told him that there was a small remnant who did not bow down to Baal. Many prophets were killed by civil and religious leaders. The team saw that the man was very touched and grateful and touched by this truth. He received the business card and was encouraged to seek God for the truth and that He would reveal that truth to him.

One man received a French Bible with joy while they spoke to him about salvation through Yeshua.  Another French Bible was given to an Iranian woman who received it with joy. Two young women refused the set offered to them but took the Isaiah 53 leaflet. One of the women said that her mother was religious and so they gave her the Shavuot pamphlet.


Thursday May 18, door to door

Eleven Shavuot tracts, six bookmarks, 26 Anti-Semitism tracts


A team member spoke to a Gentile man who said he didn’t need to read the anti-Semitism tract because he was a “devout Christian”. So the team member said that she was too, and that it is important to understand the place of the Jewish people in the Bible and in God’s plan for them. Hearing that, he said he was interested in reading it and thanked the team with a big smile.

A Roman Catholic woman said she had no Bible and didn’t want to have one since she was “not supposed to read it”. She had received a religious education and said only theologians could read and understand the Bible. We spoke of a relationship with God where both sides speak to each other. She said she prayed throughout the day but didn’t know how God was speaking to her. She categorically refused all literature.

A Moroccan Jewish couple seemed interested in receiving our gifts until we mentioned the Brit Chadeshah, at which point they returned everything.

In general, Jewish people were avoiding the team at this location, but a few received the Shavuot literature and bookmarks.


Friday, May 19th, shopping mall

3 sets, 2 English Bibles, 19 Anti-Semitism and 11 Shavuot pamphlets were given.


A team of two ladies went to a local mall the following day.

A Moroccan woman stated that she was of the Muslim faith but said she felt a special connection with one of the team members. Due to this statement the member introduced Jesus into their conversation and upon hearing His name the woman said “Oh, I believe in Christ!” The gospel was shared with her, but she made no commitment.

A Filipino lady spoke of having lived in Israel for 5 years and overall, had worked for Jewish people more than 20 years. She took a set to give to a friend in the community and asked for prayer for health and peace. Afterwards they spoke about salvation and prayed.

A man was sitting on the sidewalk outside the shopping area and listened as the team member told him about salvation through the Lord. Another Jewish man near by was listening intently. A Jewish woman who approached them, being the friend of one of them. A few months before, she had met the team when they were visiting to follow up on a new believer who was not well. At this meeting, however, she asked if she could take a gift set for herself since she was searching for the truth. She then began to tell her friend, the man, about Jesus! Together the trio spoke about Yeshua, the Messianic viewpoint, the Lamb of God, sin, and the blood covering! The woman then asked the team member to pray for the man. Afterwards, the team praised God for the divine encounter.

There were many conversations also with Jewish women rushing to the grocery store but taking time to receive the pamphlet for Shavuot.

Interestingly, two Muslim men, an Iraqi and an Iranian received the anti-Semitism pamphlet and stated that they had left their faith. The man from Iran was selling rice from his car. He did not speak English or French but communicated with an app on his phone. He said he knew of Jesus but believed that nature itself was God. The team member asked him then, “How could nature, being God, create itself?” He did not know the answer but agreed to show the pamphlet and bookmark to his son. The team member suggested that the son could explain the teachings to him from the website. Thanking her, he said that he would do that.

The second Muslim man was sitting in his car waiting for his wife.  He accepted the anti-Semitism pamphlet and said he was a Muslim from Iraq. He stated that he and his wife had fled from their home to come to Canada. The conversation led to politics in his country and how his government shoots women. They had hoped to live freely in Canada, but sadly found that the Muslims in Canada were dangerous, too. He was concerned but knew it was still better here.  He said he had no faith but when asked if he knew about the Messiah, he said he had heard about him. Just then, his wife got into the car and said “Yes, yes, it’s Jesus, Jesus!” They both wanted a Bible and so two English Bibles were given to them plus the business card so they could search the website etc.

A Jewish lady getting out of her car also received the set.

An elderly Jewish man from Algeria who grew up in France was sitting outside the bakery just blocks from the mall.  Next to him were a table and a grocery cart.  The team member approached him and asked if he was a security agent, but he said that he was just fundraising for the poor in Israel. He hoped to return there soon. Although the member realized he was busy, she offered him a pamphlet and spoke about HaShem (God) and His heart. He declined the pamphlets but wished her well.

Both teams on the two days expressed how they had special encounters and wonderful conversations and were thankful for the prayers offered before and during their outings.


Monday May 22, 2023, door to door

Despite a late start due to a team member being stuck in construction traffic, a team of three went out to the same Jewish neighborhood, only days before the Pentecost/Shavuot holiday. One team member stayed in the car and prayed while two went to greet residents at doors. There was a wonderful response as we sometimes see just before a major Jewish holiday. A total of six sets were given and also two Brit Chadeshahs, in addition to Shavuot tracts, messianic prophecy bookmarks, and a couple of leaflets on Isaiah 53.

One Jewish man said he taught the Book of Ruth and put forward that she “became” a Jew since David was her great-grandson. He said he did his morning prayers before sunrise every day. He asked if we were Jews for Jesus and we answered that we were messianic. Instead of rejecting us outright, he chatted with us for a while, taking our printed literature except for the set, and complimented us on the work we were doing.

A young man who took a set from us listened intently as we spoke from Isaiah 53 of how God’s righteous One could make us righteous. He lamented with us the findings of a poll released that day that over 40% of Israelis, being secular, do not believe in Messiah. He agreed that just as Boaz was a redeemer for Ruth, the Messiah is our Redeemer.

A couple of women were taken aback at their homes when the Brit Chadeshah was presented as a gift. We explained how Jewish it was and encouraged them to read the first book (Matthew) to see the fulfillment of much messianic prophecy. Both of them then accepted to take and read it.

A few homes refused our literature, like usual.

Shavuot, with its theme of kinsman-redeemer, is truly a great time to speak of Yeshua as Redeemer. In addition, Jewish people traditionally believe the Law was given on Mt. Sinai at Shavuot, so it is logical to be giving gifts of the Scriptures. People were happy that the sets were free. We pray they receive the free gift of salvation in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua.