Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Friday, May 10th

1 set in English and 1 Tanakh in English were given.

A team of two women were at a local shopping mall and just as they were getting out of their car, a woman next to them accepted a pamphlet and comfort card.  She was receptive and took a Tanakh but would not accept the Brit Chadashah. She asked them if they were Jewish, and a member replied that she was. She then wanted to know if they had visited Israel to which they both exclaimed, “YES!” and went on to state that they were happy that they had gone before all what was now going on. They showed her the bookmark and the Isaiah 53 leaflet and spoke to her about the Messiah and His coming twice but that there was only one Messiah. They referred her to Zech. 9:9 where the rabbis thinks there are two Messiahs, Ben Joseph and Ben David. Again, referring to Zechariah 12:10 this time, and how the Jewish people will look upon Him whom they have pierced, the woman said that she believed that there was only one Messiah. They suggested she read Isaiah 53 in the Hebrew language where she could read concerning the suffering of the Messiah and told her that only the Messiah could make her righteous and that no works would be able to save us. They parted then wishing her a Shabbat Shalom.

They approached another woman who received the card, literature and gifts with great joy. She asked why the gift was free and where it came from. They explained that it came from the Society that distributes Hebrew Scriptures and that they were from Beth Ariel.  They gave her a bookmark and pamphlet and she was very thankful and grateful.

They then met a woman who was very angry with what was taking place in Israel and did not want to discuss much except the political situation and the Prime Minister. She was upset about the flag not going up and about their decisions. The team advised her that it was important for her to know the Word of God and to come to the Messiah, and then offered her the set but she refused. She did take the comfort card.

After this they went to another mall but found it to be very quiet. They were able to speak to a Jewish woman who again was upset at the situation in Israel. She shared her thoughts with them and they in turn told her that God knew everything and that they were there to give out His word, the Tanakh and the Brit Chadashah. She already had a Tanakh at home so she received the Brit. This woman also asked if they were Jewish, and one member said she was. She then said she believed in the God of Israel and that she was grafted into the olive tree. The team said they believed in Yeshua, the Messiah, and told her that the Brit Chadashah speaks about the prophesies concerning Him. They told her how sin entered the world and how it was impossible to be reconciled to God without forgiveness and that some would go to everlasting life and others to everlasting contempt. She was surprised to hear that as she said her rabbi stated there was no hell, but the team replied that there was, and that this belief was a great deceit so as not to believe that there was a Satan. They told her that only the Messiah could make her righteous and without Him you could not approach a Holy God. The team member then mentioned that her pastor/teacher was speaking on Exodus and expressed how the Israelites were going around in the desert and how, without the Messiah, there is no purpose. She was given the comfort card and contact card so she could listen to Beth Ariel’s teaching on Exodus. She blurted out then, “Oh you have to be a born again Jew!” so they agreed and explained that Yeshua was their Messiah and not the one who some Jewish people believe began the Jewish persecution 2000 years ago. She referenced the name of a Christian celebrity whom she watched and indicated that she knew a bit about Christianity and the Messiah, but the team encouraged her to read and listen to the messages. The woman gave them a hug as they left that touching conversation.


Tuesday, May 14th

2 sets in English and 2 Tanakhs in English were given.

One team went door to door in a Jewish neighbourhood after their time at the Celebration of Israel’s Independence Day in downtown Montreal. They stopped to take a needed break at Tim Horton’s. They approached a man waiting in his car as they walked towards the door. He noticed that one of the team members was carrying an Israeli flag in her hand.  He said he was waiting for his wife to come back with their order, and they spoke to him about being at the celebration at Place du Canada. At this point the back window came down and a young man said he had been there also. The team had nothing to give them, so one team member hastily went back to the car and returned with a gift set, an anti-Semitism pamphlet and comfort card. They received all without hesitation and with joy. The husband took the Tanakh and the son the Brit.

Afterwards, the team decided that before going door to door they would call and visit with a Jewish man from Casablanca who had previously prayed to receive Yeshua.  Receiving consent to visit, the team spent about 40 minutes with this humble and gentle man.  They spoke to him on personal matters as well as about Yeshua. They spoke about eternal life and forgiveness of sins and read Psalm 23 and Isaiah 53 to comfort him as he did not feel very well. They offered him an Israeli flag they received at Place du Canada and arranged to have regular visits with him. They enjoyed this visit tremendously.

Later they drove to the area intended for their door to door and gave out one set and two Tanakhs. Many people did not answer their door in this religious neighborhood.

One Tanakh only was given to a woman who also took the anti-Semitism pamphlet and comfort card.

At the next door they gave a set to a man who was not religious. He took all the literature and the set and was very happy.

Next, they saw a woman who they had met on their previous outreach who rejected them verbally and was abusive in nature. They managed to move away from her and then met a woman walking her dog.  She asked if the set was really the Hebrew scriptures and here was when the word of God was discussed. The team touched on the time of the rebuilding of the temple when Zerubbabel and Joshua, son of Jozadak returned from captivity in Babylon and new laws were made to the point that it was difficult to access the Word of God. They told her it was important to know God’s Word so she would know about the prophesies concerning the Messiah, and that there would be many false messiahs who would come and appear and they mentioned the construction of the third temple, but that this one would not be the one in the Messianic kingdom spoken of in the Scriptures. She was told that sin separated man from God. They encouraged her to read Isaiah 53 and that it was important to receive the Messiah and His forgiveness of sins as only He could forgive sins. They warned her about the remnant that would remain, and that man would go to either everlasting life or contempt. She was also told that redemption did not come through good works and that man could not approach God except through the Messiah. It was a very good conversation and she took the Tanakh which was offered as she hesitated to even take that.

The team was thankful for all the prayers.  It was an eventful and blessed day knowing that prayers were being offered for them.  They praised God for His faithfulness.