Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Friday, March 1st

10 sets were given, plus a number of comfort cards and anti-Semitism pamphlets. There was an additional pamphlet for Purim and about 6 of those were given.


A team of three were out on this cold, dry day at a local shopping mall.

One set was given to a woman at her car. She at first accepted the comfort card and the anti-Semitism tract but quickly excused herself to leave. The team member then exclaimed that they had a free Tanakh and Brit Chadashah for her. She wanted to know if it was “real” because she had once received a Tanakh in the mail from someone on Facebook. This one, she said, was from a Jehovah Witness and being very upset, put it in the garbage. She was assured by the team that this set was proper and was told that it was printed and provided by a publishing house which distributes the Hebrew Scriptures. She accepted it on condition that it was real and took the Brit Chadashah saying that she could see it seemed alright! She was told that this smaller book was written by Jewish authors from the Second Temple period. Seeming to accept this, she thanked the team and put the set in her car and left.

A man was sitting in his car waiting for someone and unrolled his window when approached. He smiled and took the comfort card saying that he was from Israel. At that point he was offered the set. He was surprised that he was being offered such an expensive gift but he took it, placing it on the seat next to him and thanked the team member for the gift.

Another man was approached just as he opened his trunk to place his groceries. He accepted the comfort card and asked why the team member was giving out these cards. He said that it was good what she was doing and then also accepted the Purim pamphlet. The team member was horrified as he placed these items on a pile of dirty clothes and put his groceries on top. Not to be deterred she offered him the gift set.  Looking quickly in the bag, he took it and plunked it on top of the groceries and swiftly closed the trunk. The team member wanted to say more but he turned quickly to enter the mall. The team member recalled the saying, “it takes all kinds”, smiled and prayed for him right there.

A man was happy to receive a set who stated he had visited Israel four years ago, in pre-covid days. He said that he had received a Brit Chadashah before but not two separate books. They wondered if he had received the set from their outreach group before. However, he did take the anti-Semitism pamphlet, comfort card and our contact/info card. He had been listening to an evangelistic program on the internet that was pro-Israel and was very impressed. He was thankful for the conversation and encouraged the team to continue what they were doing.

They then met a man who was wearing a mask. He accepted a set for himself and when he saw how nice it was, he asked for another one to give to his father. They had a 15-20 minute conversation with him about the book of Revelation (they were uncertain if he had read the book). They continued to tell him about man’s sin nature and how that separated man from God, but that man could be reconciled with God through the Messiah. They also mentioned that the Scriptures teach that although man’s sins are like scarlet red, they can be made white as snow through the righteousness (tsadik) of the Messiah and told him to read Isaiah 53. He spoke of all the different translations out there, but the team assured him that the Word was the word and cautioned him about how it can be translated and interpreted differently. He then received the comfort card and wanted two more, one being for his father. The team reported that it was a blessing for them to speak with this man who had lots of questions.

A set was given to a woman who had a Tanakh but wanted to give the set to one of her son’s friends who was Sephardic. She wanted to encourage him as he had a bad experience with a synagogue he attended. She took the business card as well and said thank you.

They then spoke to a French gentleman who was wearing a kippa.  He took the anti-Semitism pamphlet and comfort card. He was offered the Tanakh but said he already had one. He was offered the bookmark so he could look up the listed prophesies on the Messiah.  He then left, but the team felt they should speak with him once more and then offered him the Brit Chadashah, saying that it was a very Jewish book.  He would not accept it and then asked the team if they kept the Shabbat to which they said that the Lord was the Shabbat and that He, Yeshua, accomplished the law because man alone could not do that. He spoke to them about the Zohar to which the team replied that this book was the words of man. He countered them with “it’s God’s word.” They parted amicably.

A woman received the comfort card and anti-Semitism tract. While speaking to her, she began to cry. When the team asked if they could offer her comfort, she said it would only make her cry more.  As they left her, they prayed for her.

A young Sephardic man did not take the set offered after he saw the Brit Chadashah but he did take the anti-Semitism and comfort card. He said that he could not take the set into his home as he would be responsible for the word and so could not receive it. He took a business card with info on where to listen to “Shalom Ariel” online.  He replied “Oh, that’s great!”  They spoke to him about Yeshua being the Messiah.  He thanked them.

A man in a shiny, clean sports car opened his door to the invitation of receiving a pamphlet. A strong cleansing smell wafted towards the ladies and smiling, he asked what he could do for them. He took the comfort card and Purim pamphlet and was then offered a gift set.  He became very excited and said that it was his lucky day and immediately took out his phone and called his wife saying, “Hey honey, guess what gift I just got offered?” She too became excited and as he closed the conversation with her, he asked for a second set to offer to his synagogue. He was looking for a place to support Israel and so the team gave him the business card and told that their congregation supported Israel. He was so jubilant and thankful and could not believe he had just received such a beautiful gift.

While preparing to leave the mall, a man drove in to the spot next to whether the team was parked.  One of the team members got out of the car and began to have a conversation through the window. He accepted the literature first and was then offered the set.  He was so thankful to receive this gift and also accepted the comfort card.  This touched him as he said he was very sad about what’s been happening in the world and was hopeful that by reading the Scriptures, he would have peace.

The team was overjoyed at the positive encounters and gifts distributed and wanted to thank everyone who prayed for them. They see the hand of God moving quickly upon many hearts and praise Him for His love towards His people.