Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Thursday, March 21st


Team #1

2 sets (1 French, 1 English) 1 Russian bible, several Purim and comfort cards.


It was a cold and windy day when the team went out to a local mall.  One set was given in French to a Jewish Moroccan man who had lived fifteen years in Israel during the Yom Kippur and Six Day wars. He was a kind man who lived with his children as his wife had passed away. He stated that he believed in the Messiah and kept repeating this several times. He was asked if the team could pray for him and accepted to have prayer in the name of Yeshua the Messiah. He was very touched by the prayer and took one of the team member’s hands in his and kissed it. He was given the business card and encouraged to call Pastor Jacques. He said he would.

A Jewish lady took the Purim pamphlet as she was passing by and opening it up, she threw it in the garbage bin and left. However, after some time she returned and asked the team if they belonged to Jews for Jesus. They shared that they were not from that organization but did believe in the purity of the Holy Scriptures. They gave her the comfort card, and she accepted the pamphlets and left.

The team handed out a Purim pamphlet to a young Jewish mother who was holding her child. Although she did not stop to talk, she was thankful but could not take the set as her hands were already full.

A Russian man and his wife accepted a Russian bible.  They were in the car and kept saying they were thankful.  They had tried to communicate via a language app on their phone but could not get the right words out. In the end they were happy that they had received their gift.

At the end of their outing, the team had a brief conversation with a Jewish woman who was dressed in plain clothing.  She was offered the Purim pamphlet and comfort card but handed them back.  However, she stated that she was a teacher who taught the Torah. The team asked her if she believed in Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22, and strangely she said yes, but hesitantly.  At this point she went into Dollarama and met up with an Orthodox couple.  She was in deep conversation with them when the team passed by the store. She pointed out the team to the young woman who was with her. The younger woman began to shout at the team saying that they wanted to live in peace and the team was stirring up hatred and told them to leave. Fortunately, the team did not react but as they were leaving, they wished the woman well and quietly left.  Please pray for this Torah teacher and her young friend that they would come to see their Messiah who loves them and wants to have a relationship with them.

It was a short day and very windy, but the team still wanted to go to another shopping mall for a short time. When they arrived and opened the trunk of the car to take sets out, the wind caught some of the comfort cards and sent them flying everywhere. One team member caught some of the cards that flew toward the front of the car, while the other team member went to the back of the car and saw that one card had landed under a car not far from them. At that moment when she was retrieving the card from under the car, a Jewish woman, the owner of the car, arrived. Without hesitation the card was offered to the woman, and she was offered a gift set. She said yes and the set was given to her. This may look like a coincidence, but in God’s perfect timing this Jewish woman received a precious gift from God.


Thursday, March 21st


Team #2

5 English sets, 1 set in French, 1 Tanakh in English, 1 Russian bible,), 12 Purim, 12 Anti-Semitism pamphlets, and 12 comfort cards were given.


A team of two was out on a very cold and windy day.

One set in English was given to a woman who did not celebrate Purim but was from the Jewish community. She received the set and said it was a good mitzvah.

A set was given in English to a man whose wife was waiting in the car. He was thankful for all the gifts and wanted to give a donation.

A set was given in English to a woman who took it but wanted to make sure it was the Hebrew Scriptures.  She took out her wallet to give a donation but when she understood it was a gift, she was very thankful.

One Russian bible was given to a man who was from Poland. He did not have a bible himself, so he took a Russian one as well as a contact card. He also took a comfort card that he said he would pass onto his Jewish neighbor.

A set in English was given to a woman who just came from the dentist.  She received the set with joy and was given the card as well.

A woman was given the whole set in English.  When she saw the Tanakh, she said “Wow” and took all with a big smile.

A set was given in English to a Jewish woman who at first did not want to receive the gift but after realizing there was no donation involved, she took it. She was amazed at the quality and exclaimed asking, “You are giving this for free?” They replied, “Yes, it is a gift of God and the Word should be given freely. They gave her a pamphlet and spoke of the coming of the Messiah, the righteous One. They told her salvation is always by faith and quoted Habakkuk and Isaiah 53. She was told that even though our sins are like scarlet, they will be as white as snow.  She was very thankful for the conversation and again spoke that being a Jew pertains to the nation, but the team shared about the differences regarding a rabbinical and biblical Jew. She understood what that meant. They told her that the prophecies of an upcoming false Messiah were true and that many will come in His name but there is only one Messiah.

Another set, this time in French, was given to a woman from Casablanca.  She was very touched and had tears in her eyes.  They spoke about Jesus being the Messiah and she understood but asked if they were from Jews for Jesus.  They replied “No, but I am a Messianic Jew” and spoke about Yeshua being the Messiah. The team member mentioned that some churches want to take the place of Israel, and some will be deceived saying the Lord, “Lord, Lord did we not do this and that in Your name? But He will say, “Depart from Me, for I have never known you”. She continued that only a minority of people will believe the truth, and then one of the team members gave a short testimony. The woman was given the contact card.


Friday, March 22nd

8 sets, (5 English, 1 French, 1 Russian, and 1 Hebrew) were given. Also 18 pamphlets for Purim and the anti-Semitism pamphlets, plus 19 comfort cards were given.


A set in Russian was given to a man who did not comprehend English, but he took the Purim pamphlet anyways.  Because he said, “Todah Rabah”, they figured he was Jewish. He asked for the set in Russian and thanked the team. At that moment his wife returned to the car and said, “Oh I want it!” and was told it was already hers! They were so very grateful.

One set in English was given to a woman who was in a hurry as she was going to the hospital to see her husband. She took some time to speak with them and they spoke of God’s protection during Purim and how He protects Israel. They spoke of His faithfulness and love for Israel. The team asked for the husband’s name and hers as well and said they would pray for them. The woman, being so touched, shook their hands as a sign to encourage them.

A set was given to a young Jewish woman who just came back from Israel a week before.  She mentioned that it was peaceful in Tel Aviv and that it was not so in Jerusalem.  She had a lot of family in Israel and spoke of God’s faithfulness and love.  She was given a set and told she could read about the prophets and how the prophecies had been fulfilled during His first coming.  He will return however and reign in Jerusalem.  She agreed to this statement. They spoke about Yeshua and how He is the righteous One who can make all those that turn to him tsadik (righteous). The team member spoke of the promises of God given through the Messiah in Genesis 3:15. She received two sets, one for herself and one was given in Hebrew for her family back in Israel (when she returns there in April).

How “coincidental” was the following two encounters, one after the other.  First, a set was offered to a woman who was sitting in her car with her window opened. As the team approached her, she shared how frustrated and upset she was concerning the drivers on the road and how she was cut off.  This encounter allowed the team to offer the gift.

But the manner in how this woman parked her car in the parking lot frustrated a man who had parked right beside her. He was unable to open up the driver’s door since she parked too close, and he was upset that he had to go and use the passenger side to get in. The woman had already gone in to shop so he complained to the team who happened to be standing right there. They told him that they had waited to bless him and bring him comfort. They spoke of the Messiah and of His redemptive power. He received, with joy, a gift set, a comfort card, and a pamphlet on Purim.

A man then received the bookmark, Purim pamphlet and comfort card. They spoke to the man stating that Purim was a time of anti-Semitism and deliverance. He then asked, “How do you know that, how do you know the truth?” to which they told him that the Word of God is truth.  He responded back by saying that he was joking with them, and wanted to know how they would respond. He continued saying that he should hire them as he saw the persistence that they had and the hope they shared.


The team was thankful for such a profitable day and thanks everyone for their prayers.