Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Thursday, June 13th 2024

2 Brit Chadashahs (1 French, 1 English) and 1 French set were given out.

A door-to-door report from a team of two ladies.  The team was out at a local area on an evening that was supposed to be rainy but turned out to be clear and very pleasant. The first street they tackled had only one mezuzah. At this door, a Brit was given to a man who said he had many books. Despite this, the team offered him the Tanakh but when he refused it after their encouragement to read it, they showed him the Brit Chadashah. He ended up taking this book along with the literature and thanked them.

On another street they gave out a French Brit Chadashah to a woman from Morocco. She was surprised to see the quality of the book and was suspicious of them even when they spoke to her of the Torah and other Jewish books dealing with the prophesies of the Messiah. She told them that it was better to give it to someone else who could use it. However, she took the literature and the Brit. Here, they showed her the list of prophesies displayed on the bookmark and the fulfillment of the coming Messiah. They explained that the Brit Chadashah was written by Jewish men and that there were 92 references about the Messiah written in the Torah and found in the book of Matthew. As the team was speaking to this woman, she flipped through the pages and being satisfied, she took this small and oh so important book. She was thankful.

A French set was then given to a young man in his 30s who was living with his mother. They stated that they were originally from Casablanca. They were very touched as they received the set and the young man who was wearing a kippa said that he could read Hebrew. The team spoke to them about the Messiah, telling them that He could make man tsadik (righteous) and remove sins, and that no t’villah (immersion i.e. cleansing by water ceremony) could justify man before a holy God. They explained how sin separated man from God and referenced the promise in Genesis 3:15. They were told that the Brit was written by Jewish men and that they would see the prophesies of the first coming of the Messiah fulfilled in Matthew. They were both very grateful to receive this book and were also given the contact card. The team offered to visit them if they chose and that they only had to call the office to ask.

It was a blessed evening, and the team was thankful to God for His faithfulness.