We drove over and we asked her if she would like to receive the set. She said yes. She was very amazed when she saw the size of the Tanakh so we told her to share with all her family😊.

Thursday Jan 20th,2022


We were one team of two people. We gave out 50 pamphlets in total along with one Bible and 2 Bible sets. An English only Bible is given to a man from Iran. He asked if he had to pay for it. We told him that it was a gift and we asked him why he thought Jesus would have gone on the cross.  We quoted John 3:16 and how we must be reconciled with God. We shared about how the Messiah came through the Jewish people yet for all the nations.  We stressed that God wants a relationship and not only religious ceremony.  He took a bookmark as well and seemed very interested to go on our website over the weekend.

A bible set was given to an elderly man who was very thankful to receive it. Though we did not have a conversation with him, he nevertheless took the bookmark as well as the Isaiah 53 pamphlet.  

Another set was given to a young Israeli man. Though on his way to class, he did stay with us a bit, and appeared very thankful and grateful for the set. We asked him if he read Hebrew and encouraged him to look at the Isaiah 53 pamphlet, pointing to the backside where the Talmudic passages spoke about the suffering Servant. We told him that the Messiah already came, and we gave him the messianic bookmark as well.

We also had another conversation with a young gentleman who was very attentive as we spoke. We explained that we can have a relationship with God because Yeshua paid the price … a needed debt to pay because of God’s holiness. He asked us if we thought God created us and we said yes of course, but the relationship was broken because of sin. We showed him Isaiah 53 as the road back to God.

We had another conversation with a gentleman from Calgary and encouraged him to go online and continue with his studies of the Word (he was a believer).

By the way, many who saw the anti-Semitism tracts were very appreciative and expressed interest in looking further into this subject.


Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

There was one team of two people for this day’s outreach. They gave out a total of 42 antisemitism pamphlets. They also gave three Brit Chadeshahs and two full Bible sets.

They spoke with one couple, handing them a pamphlet and explaining that anti-Semitism will only end when the Messiah comes and reigns in Jerusalem. They told this couple that God’s Word will be accomplished through the covenants He has madee has He . The husband said he already had a Tanakh at home, so we offered them the Brit Chadeshah along with an Isaiah 53 leaflet and a messianic bookmark.  They asked if they could make a donation or pay for the bible, and of course we told them that this is a gift.

Another Brit Chadeshah and pamphlet was handed to a woman who had served in the Israeli military.  She said she already had the Tanakh but was so excited to receive the N.T.  In fact, she expressed how incredible it was that she was receiving the New Testament right at that moment.  They asked her if she believed that Yeshua is the Messiah and she said, “Well, we all need to believe in something”. We told her how important belief in the Messiah was and we showed her the Isaiah 53 leaflet and we asked her to read it so she would see the suffering Messiah there. Since she reads Hebrew, she would be able to see that word Tsadik (English=righteous) and how God causes us to be Tsadik because of the suffering Servant’s work. We told her time is short and we also mentioned Daniel 12 and how a choice needs to be made concerning eternal life. We shared about how Abraham was made righteous and that it is not by works but by faith. She was very thankful and grateful to receive the material.  We also informed her about the website, the Bible study and the Saturday services online. We told her we were very touched by her loyalty of service in the Israeli army.

Another set was given to an individual, but without much conversation.

And another set was given to a Russian man who was with his daughter. She was very cute and around 6 or 7 years old.  Apparently, they already received the pamphlet before and when we asked if they had received the Bible set, the father hesitated, but the daughter was insisting and encouraging him to take it. We gave them a set in Russian/Hebrew.

A Brit Chadeshah was given to a woman who already had a Tanakh at home. She also took the Isaiah 53 pamphlet as well as the messianic bookmark.   

We spoke with a woman in the parking lot. She had received the anti-Semitism tract and she was interested in having the Bible set but she didn’t have time to wait. And so she continued on her way, but as we were leaving the parking lot a little while later, we saw this woman walking. We drove over and we asked her if she would like to receive the set. She said yes. She was very amazed when she saw the size of the Tanakh so we told her to share with all her family😊. We also gave her an Isaiah 53 pamphlet and encouraged her to listen in on the website. She said we were so amazing and we told her, no it’s really God who’s amazing.  We are grateful for the more than coincidence in the timing, meeting her that second time.

There was a security guard who stopped and asked us what we were doing in the parking lot and we told him we are giving out anti-Semitism pamphlets. He asked what organization we were with. We told him, Beth Ariel Congregation. He asked us if it was on Monkland Blvd. We said yes, and he said that he had already talked about this place with someone else and then he just left, allowing us to stay and continue the work! We praised God that he didn’t tell us to leave.


Thank you for all who continue to pray and walk with us during these outings.