Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Wednesday, January 11th 

A team of two women were out on this very cold but bright day at a local shopping mall. Six gift sets, one English Bible and 20 anti-Semitism pamphlets were given out.

The first encounter was with a Jewish woman who said she had everything and did not need extra books. The other team member heard it and invited her to consider taking the small book, stating that it was something she did not have. She identified it for her as the Brit Chadashah, the New Testament that explained the Second Temple period. Upon hearing this she took the entire set saying it was easier to carry. Please pray that this woman who does not have everything, be curious enough to see what is inside this life-giving book.

A gentleman was also interested in the Brit Chadashah as he had never heard of it before and opened it with curiosity. He said that it sounded interesting and gladly took the set.

It was quiet at another mall, but the team did give out several pamphlets to people passing by.

Moving on to another spot at the corner of a popular street, a team member approached a man who appeared to be homeless and was sitting on a bench. This Jewish man spoke with eloquent words, but it was apparent that he had some psychological issues. He was quite cognizant of the Scriptures and accepted the gift set saying that he would take it home. He promised to look at the Brit Chadashah.

While one team member was speaking to the gentleman on the bench, a man who overheard the conversation approached. He inquired if the team member was doing Shabbat and was curious as to where she attended. Upon hearing the name of the congregation, he said that he knew of the place and referred to the pastor by name. He received the gift set with thankfulness and said that he would call the pastor to ask some questions he had from Ezekiel. He then asked if he could offer her a Yiddish blessing and immediately did so. Please pray that this man contacts the pastor and that his search ends in a prayer of salvation.

A middle-aged Spanish-speaking man began a conversation with the team stating that he would like to have a pamphlet. He said that he had been interested in hearing the messianic viewpoint for a while and was thankful to speak to the team. He was on his way to visit his 92-year-old father in the hospital but spoke long enough to inform the team that he was a devout Catholic and was constantly in prayer. He received the English Bible and said that he would be contacting the office later on.

The other sets were given to people who were not able to stop to chat but willingly took the gift. One man wanted to give a gift of money but was told that it was a true gift of eternal value. He smiled and thanked the team member with his eyes.

Please pray for all the encounters that took place and that the individuals receive the gift of eternal life through their Messiah, Yeshua.

Thank you also to all those who prayed as the team was out and about!