Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Wednesday January 4

In the last week for the giving out of Christmas tracts, a team of two went to a department store parking lot where they expected to meet both Jews and Gentiles. To those we thought were Jewish, we offered the anti-Semitism tract, wishing a Happy New Year to all.

It was a very fruitful time, as we gave out 111 tracts to non-Jews in French or English, 15 tracts on anti-Semitism and three sets of Scriptures to Jewish people, as well as a full Bible in French to a Moroccan man.

Along with the verse, “Glory to God in the highest” from Luke, our Christmas tract has a menorah on the front. A man refused to receive it, asking why it was there. We replied that Jesus was Jewish, to which he answered by saying, “But why do we need to keep talking about it?”

A couple of men immediately dropped it in the slushy parking lot, saying that as Muslims, they could not take anything that had a menorah on it.

A Jewish woman was overcome with gratitude as we offered her the set. She requested another for her niece who would soon have her Bat Mitzvah, saying the books were hard to find. She took all the literature we offered with much emotion.

Several religious Jews, both young and old, received our literature and messianic prophecy bookmarks. We spoke about anti-Semitism coming to an end only when Messiah comes. One young Orthodox woman received a business card with listings when she could tune in to the Shalom Ariel radio show.

An older Jewish man with a kippa who was deep into Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), told us that we were following lies. Yet he himself did not look to the Scriptures for knowledge, saying that each verse taught over six hundred ideas!

A young Jewish man who reads Hebrew was happy to receive a set in French and Hebrew. We pointed out Isaiah 53 to him, along with some prophecies found there, and also spoke about how Abraham was counted righteous by faith. We said we believed the Messiah had already come and was coming back. He also received a card with the radio show times and media contact information. He insisted on giving us a package of fresh strawberries in return for the set and came back 45 minutes later with a gift he’d received – chocolate-covered orange pieces which he couldn’t eat because it wasn’t kosher.

A young Iranian mother with two children received a Bible from us, despite having been told never to look at one. Previously, she’d had a Jewish friend. We spoke about how sins were forgiven. She happily took the precious Word of God home.

An older, Hebrew-speaking couple received a set. Surprised by seeing the New Testament, we told them it was “kosher” and very Jewish. They said they’d put a contribution in their own charity box (pushke) when they got home and thanked us.


Friday January 6, 2023

A team of two women returned to a department store parking lot for the last Christmas tract outreach of the season and met many Jewish people as well. A total of 98 tracts were given to Gentiles and 22 tracts on anti-Semitism to Jewish people. Two sets of the Scriptures were received by Jewish people, along with a full Bible in French to a Muslim man.

We greeted the Jewish people with “Shabbat Shalom!” as we gave the anti-Semitism tract. Then we offered the messianic prophecy bookmark as a late Hanukkah present. We distributed 17 of these bookmarks, which were very well received. Those receiving them included many who were outwardly Orthodox, both men and women.

The Muslim man from Morocco heard from us about miracles that Messiah did. We spoke about how our sins are forgiven, both initially at salvation and then day by day. He asked whether it was possible to feel the Messiah’s presence if he became a believer. He had been looking for a Bible, so we gave him one in French. We said goodbye after praying for him. He said he preferred to pray at home.

One woman pulled back abruptly when offered the literature saying, “I don’t do paper.”

A woman told us her husband was Jewish although she was not, so we asked if we could send a late Hanukkah present along to him – a full set of Scriptures. She said she was happy to give it to him but had a Bible of her own that she could read.