Thursday December 14

Three women went to a shopping area on a sunny day before the end of Hanukkah. Two women worked together while a third spoke to people in an area close by. They gave out special Hanukkah tracts, cards, and small children’s gifts for the holiday. A total of four full sets were given, plus a Brit Chadashah, in addition to the many messianic prophecy bookmarks. Gentiles were offered anti-Semitism tracts.

A kind woman was so overjoyed by the many gifts we offered, including the Brit Chadashah, that she said she could cry. The stress of the prevalent anti-Jewish sentiment and the difficulties surrounding the war had been overwhelming and she was so relieved as we conversed. She praised the work we were doing in the giving out of the Scriptures.

Praise God, one French set was given to a man whose wife is Jewish. He was with his two children. He received the gift set with joy, and the children happily received the candles and dreidels.

Another French set was given to a Moroccan man who asked if he needed to make a donation. We said this was a gift and he received it with joy as we spoke about the Messiah Yeshua. We said he would see prophecies fulfilled in the Brit Chadashah, like the fact that Yeshua will reign in Jerusalem.

Another set was given in English to a woman as we spoke about Hanukkah and the importance of Scriptures.

A set was given in English to a Russian Jewish woman who also thought that she had to give a donation for the books. She was very happy to receive the set. She wanted the books in English and Hebrew.


Friday December 15

On the last full day of Hanukkah, three women went to a shopping area where many more religious people were out to run errands.

It was a full time, as a total of eight full sets, two Tanakh, a Brit Chadashah, and one English Bible were given out. Best of all, a Russian Jewish woman was led in a prayer of salvation by two of the women. She had been waiting for her friends to arrive, but could not find them, and so we were able to speak with her for about 20 minutes. We prayed with her to receive Jesus as her Savior. We encouraged her to listen to the messages on the radio, gave her our names if she wanted a visit. It was a very special moment, and we hugged each other at the end.

We had another conversation with three young adults who were curious about Hanukkah. They were not Jewish, but wanted to know more about the Scriptures, Jesus and salvation. We were able to speak with them for a good 15 to 20 minutes. One of them said that she was a Christian and had a Bible. Another received a Bible from us in English and took a set for her Jewish friend. We hugged each other, too.

A set was given to a man who just came out of his car. He joyfully received it, asking us if he should give a donation. We said we didn’t take donations because it was a gift. Later, he came running with a $20 bill to hand over to us but we said we couldn’t take any donations. We told him, “The only thing we desire for you is that you read the Word. He said he would.


A Brit Chadashah was giving to a Moroccan man who already had the Tanakh. We also gave him a bookmark and spoke about Yeshua being the Messiah. We were able to talk about the persecution from the church and also from religious leaders. We talked about a remnant, the minority, who actually believed the truth. We gave the examples of Elijah and Jeremiah. Jeremiah had been put into a cistern by the religious leaders of the day. Most prophets were killed by religious and civil leaders. We gave him the card of Beth Ariel and he was very pleased to see that he could hear messages on the radio and on the internet. He was happy and thankful.

Another set was given to a man who was very happy to receive the set. We told him to read Isaiah 53 in Hebrew, where he would see that only the Messiah could make him righteous. We gave him the Isaiah 53 leaflet, the bookmark, and told him that the Messiah that would come back to reign in Jerusalem. Smiling, he said he hoped so. We said it would happen because it is written.

A Brit Chadashah was given to a Gentile Israeli woman who was with her Jewish husband. He didn’t want her to take it but she insisted on having it.

Another Israeli woman was happy to receive a Tanakh from us.

Four sets were given to Jewish women who were touched to have our gifts.

Please pray for those who received literature from us in the last week, but knowing God can use even discarded tracts to speak to people.