Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Report for Wednesday, August 9th

4 gift sets (1 French, 3 English) were given, plus 1 Tanakh

A team of two ladies were out on a very pleasant evening in a residential area for their door-to-door approach. The first to open their door was a man who immediately began to laugh asking if the team was from Jews for Jesus. He was offered the gift set and shown in the Tanakh were it states the editors were from the Hebrew Society that distributes the Scriptures. He asked them if they believed the Messiah was Jesus to which the team handed him the Isaiah 53 leaflet and said that the Messiah had already come as prophesied.  The man was sceptical and defensive when they first approached him, but at one point in the conversation as he saw they were serious and knew the scriptures, he began to listen. He surprisingly took the bookmark with the Tanakh, the leaflet, the Anti-Semitism pamphlet and asked for information and was given the contact card.  The team member said that it was important for him to seek the truth and not to fear. A small notation was made to him about the 3rd temple and how many will receive the false Messiah, but that by reading the scriptures for himself, he would find the identity of the true Messiah. The man encouraged the team saying that they were doing a good work. The team were amazed at the change that came over the man; from laughing at them to encouraging them to continue and that it was a blessing. Please pray for this man to see the truth offered to Him through the scriptures and that he turns to the true Messiah.


A full set was given to a woman who answered her front door.  At first, the team saw the husband leaving his car but before they could catch up to him he had disappeared into the backyard.  Not to be discouraged, they went to the front door and a beautiful conversation ensued with his wife.  She was hesitant to take the gift set but received it gladly and saying that she was not religious, she did have a relationship with God! She was open to speaking to them and as they spoke on the atonement through the Messiah, the woman began to weep and confessed that the visit was very timely as she was going through a lot. The team said “God calls, so we are here!” She mentioned a death of a friend and other imminent deaths which were hard to deal with so the team spoke about life being temporary and could not be compared to eternity in a heavenly place. She was encouraged to go online and listen to the teachings by Pastor Gabizon and feeling better she accepted hugs from the team and an invitation to ask for a further visit to speak about the Messiah. She was happy to hear that they would pray for her.


Another noteworthy visit took place when a man opened the door and said he was a Catholic but that his wife was Jewish and that they were raising their children in the Jewish faith. At this point he called his son, who was about 8, to come and listen.  The team spoke about the difference between rabbinic Judaism compared to biblical Judaism and why it was important to read the truth from the scriptures. They said that many books were written outside the bible and that it was important to see that they were written by man only. They spoke of Yeshua being the Messiah and that their salvation was through faith and not the works of man.  The husband offered that he feared this teaching as his wife’s relative had an important position in a synagogue in France to which a team member said it was important to seek the truth while there was still time.  He thanked them for coming and shook their hands, asking for their first names. The team praised God for such an encounter and positive outcome.


Another set was given in French. The team appreciates every prayer that went out for them.