Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Report for April 7th

8 sets in English, 1 Tanakh in Russian and 51 pamphlets were given

A team of two ladies were out on this sunny day at a local shopping mall.  There was a conversation with a Jewish man who was open to hearing more about the Messiah.  He received the leaflet on Isaiah 53 and they discussed how He was revealed in Psalm 22.  This man was given a business card as he was open to the teaching of the Word of God.

There was a conversation with two people who were sitting on a bench and the member was able to share the gospel with them and remind them that Jesus (Yeshua) was a Jew.

They then approached a Jewish gentleman who took the set willingly and commented that he would read the Brit Chadashah. He was also given the congregation business card as he was very interested in learning more about the Messiah. He was instructed where he could find the teachings on the website and was told that he was welcome to call the office number if he wanted to speak to the pastor.

The team had many opportunities to reach out to the Jewish community there and to give them the pamphlet on the Passover and the gift sets which were prepared for them.

How precious was this team’s experience as they watched the people receive the Word of God telling of His Second Coming to rule in Jerusalem.  They want to express their gratitude to all who pray for them as they sense a spiritual covering while walking and while talking to the shoppers at the mall.