Magen David on Hebrew Scriptures

Wednesday, April 3rd

2 English sets, 1 Tanakh, 24 Passover pamphlets, 8 comfort cards and 3 bookmarks were given.

A team of two were at a local shopping mall on a beautiful day when they began a conversation about the gospel with a man from India.  He was just entering his car when they offered him a pamphlet and began sharing. He stated that he was Hindu but was patient and listened as they shared.

The team then approached a woman who was standing on the sidewalk close by and they began to share some Scriptures with her.  She wanted a bible but did not want to listen to them as she said her faith was personal. As they were concerned for her health, the team shared a croissant with her hoping that she would see the love of Yeshua through that. They left her at this point seeing that further conversation was not invited.

They met a Russian couple who had recently arrived in Canada and did not have a good grasp of French or English. The wife managed to have a small conversation with them and so they offered her the Tanakh which she took, however she confessed that she already was given a gift set at an earlier time.

Then they met a Jewish man who received the set with joy and shared that he wanted to show the Scriptures to his son.

The team met a Ukrainian/Russian Jewish woman who had been to Israel. They offered her the Passover pamphlet. She was very thankful, and while engaging in conversation the team explained that the Brit Chadashah was written by Jewish men during the Second Temple period. They told her that Yeshua was the Messiah of Israel and that He would come to reign in Jerusalem.  She wanted to share the Scriptures with her son, adding that she wanted him to feel more Jewish, so she took the set with thanks.


Tuesday, April 9th

Door to door report: One Tanakh, Passover tracts, comfort cards and bookmarks were given out.

On a mild evening a team of two had made plans to visit the elderly gentleman they saw last week who had come to faith in Yeshua. However, after a phone call, they were informed that he was unable to receive them as his son was about to visit him. They made arrangements with him to call and visit the following week.

Beginning their door-to-door visits, the team encountered many homes that did not open their doors. Among those who did, they received the Passover pamphlets, comfort cards and bookmarks. Most of these people stated that they already had the Tanakh and those who had, did not want the Brit Chadashah. One Tanakh was given to a woman who did not want to receive the New Testament but did take the comfort card and Passover pamphlet.

They spoke with a French man who was wearing a kippa. He said that he already had the Tanakh and did not want the Brit Chadashah. They did, however, have a brief conversation with him regarding the Messiah whose name was Yeshua. They were able to tell him about the construction of the Third Temple and how it was connected with a coming false messiah. They gave him the Isaiah 53 leaflet and showed him how he could find the prophesy of the Messiah in his Tanakh. Going further, they explained that there were many Jews, even rabbis of the first century who believed in this prophesy, and they shared how important it was to be able to identify who this Messiah is. He also took the bookmark and the contact card.


The teams from both outreaches were grateful for the prayer covering and for the lovely weather bestowed upon them by God.