The Spirit will Never Be Barred


Last week we had spoken about the presence of religious fanatics within the Israeli government who want to impose their laws, not biblical laws, but their own laws which triggered many protests in Israel. Now the country is in its 13th week of protest around major cities and people are outraged with the fanatics.

Well, this past week, two members of the Knesset belonging to this group proposed to make it illegal for people to share the Gospel message in Israel with the threat of imprisonment should they be caught doing it.

The evangelical world in the US rose up against this attempt which brought Israel’s Prime Minister, Netanyahu to say that such a law will never pass.

We thank God he rose against it, but see how the seed of hatred against the Word of God, against Yeshua, has surfaced and how powerful that pull is in the government itself. How long will it be when that law might indeed be passed? It will surely be passed during the time of the Tribulation seeing all the anger and hatred that will erupt during those years. All this is according to prophecy.

And this is the same hatred we see against the Word, against Yeshua, as we enter into today’s text of  Mark 10, as Jesus is on His way to Jerusalem to experience His last Passover before His death and His mighty resurrection.

Let us continue to unlock the mysteries and promises God has for us in the Scriptures. We know that no bar can hold back the Spirit for those who are seeking His face.