As for the Middle East, it is going deeper into an obvious confrontation between Iran and Israel, as was also prophesied in the account of the War of Gog and Magog.

Last week, Israel carried out drone attacks deep into Iranian territory and destroyed a factory which manufactures drones and ballistic missiles. Israel said that it is from this facility that drones were made, which were used in the attack against civilian Ukrainians.

Then, a day later, unidentified aircraft struck a convoy of Iranian militia trucks on the Syrian-Iraqi border. It is not hard to figure out that it was Israeli aircraft, for they say that the pilot fired a few shots to allow the soldiers to flee the trucks before it destroyed them. The Israeli army is known for these humane actions.

Iran confirmed that 25 trucks were destroyed but there were no casualties. Today the nation of Iran is the closest ally to Russia, providing it with an air force which may be used against Israel in the near future.

Considering all of this, we see how the nations of the world are slowing taking their sides and positions, just like it was predicted. Each week it is quite amazing to see how these things are shaping up in front of our eyes. About three years ago, we made a series on the End Time prophecies. It may be time to redo it seeing how so much new information has since come our way. In the meantime, let us keep up the work of proclaiming the way of salvation.