Did you know that there is no other book of the Bible which contains more of the very words of God than in Leviticus? Here, God is the direct speaker on almost every page. That is one very important reason why we consider this book so vital to read through.

At the start of the book, we are immediately confronted by detailed and graphic laws concerning animal sacrifices which for some, could be very offensive. Without hesitation, the book explains how the offender should slaughter the animal, how he should flay it and cut it into pieces.

But what are we about to discover behind this first, uninviting, and aggressive description of the sacrifices and profusion of blood? The moment one begins to understand that Leviticus is not really a book, but a mirror, one will begin to grasp its message. God is holy and He requires our purity. What is most offensive here is not the animal sacrifice but our actions, our sins which have caused us to separate from God.  Leviticus demands that we evaluate the causes and consequences of our own sins and then draw closer to God.