The Book of Esther is small and well hidden in the Tanakh, but by faith we can find it!  Just after the Book of Job sits this exceptional Book Esther with its many tragi-comedy scenes. While it treats, in seriousness the problem of anti-Semitism with its plot of mass murder, it is also poignantly comical, as unexpected events arise out of nowhere.

This book is wholly concerned with Israel outside of her land, in the Diaspora and among the nations of the world, as she is today. This of course does not mean that God has forgotten Israel. Esther is the story behind what Paul says in Romans 11:25 that covering in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. This veil over the nation is often interpreted as a rejection where God forsakes Israel and replaces her, but Esther corrects this view. While His name is never mentioned, the Lord is very present, at every turn, and especially, at every attempted annihilation against His people.