Sometimes we think that doing something wrong is a lot worse than not doing something right. When we do not do something which we should do, it is a sin of omission. It’s like when Paul says he doesn’t do what he knows he should do and really wants to do. What might we consider sins of omission?

When we fail to pray, fail to read and study the word… When we avoid helping others, bearing their burdens and when we avoid sharing the Messiah with others, we are omitting to turn our light on that we might shine before men that they may give glory to our Father in heaven.

I don’t think many of us would forget to take a shower after too long and I am sure after awhile many will remind us of our need to clean up. Likewise the Holy Spirit does the reminding concerning our spiritual cleanup. Let’s not forget to turn on the shower of God’s blessings and receive His grace and share it with others, getting them a little wet too.
Be blessed as you listen to guest speaker, Michael Gabizon and the message on God’s Will in Decisions: Distractions Lead to Self-indulgence