In the Targum of Micah, we are told that the Messiah of Israel, who was hidden because of the sins of Israel, will reappear first in Migdal Eder. And this is where the shepherds were to usher the birth of Yeshua. The first time we find the word Migdal Eder in the Hebrew Scriptures is as powerful: in Genesis 35:21 we are told that Jacob went to this place after the death of Rachel when she gave birth to Benjamin. The Targum of Jerusalem translates this verse: Jacob journeyed on and pitched his tent beyond the Tower of the Flock, Migdal-Eder, the place from which the King Messiah will reveal himself at the end of days. They believed the Messiah will first appear where the animals reserved for sacrificed were, and indeed, this is where it was first announced concerning His birth in Bethlehem of Judea.