After Haman plotted to kill and annihilate all the Jews, one thing we learn from this powerful book of Esther, is that there is nothing like anti-Semitism to attract God’s attention. As we enter into the story from this point, we see, that by God’s grace Esther was already in a privileged position; she was by now in the palace and crowned queen, having replaced Vashti.

As for Mordecai, after learning of the decree that all Jews were to be killed on a given date, the first thing he does, is to go to Esther and ask her to speak to the king. At first, Esther who was very young, feared, because she was told that anyone, even the wife of the king, who came to him without being summoned could be put to death. She had not been summoned.

It was at this point when Mordecai said something extraordinary, for he knew His God. Notice his words from Esther 4:14, For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish…

But where is this other place?  It’s not another kingdom that would come to support them, but it is help from heaven, where God is. What Mordecai is saying here is that if Esther did not do anything, God would act in some other way to save the Jews, through some other divine means. Mordecai was sure that God would never allow such an annihilation, no matter what. How did he know this? As a man of great faith, Mordecai knew his Bible well. He must have known the promises and prophecies of God to Abraham, to Moses and to all the many prophets like Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Isaiah. He must have known about God’s words in Jeremiah when He said that only when the ordinances of the moon and the stars of the whole creation ceased to be, that the seed of Israel would also cease from being a nation before [Him] forever.” Jer.31:35-36.

What this means is that even in eternity where there will be a new creation, Israel will still be present. Mordechai knew for certain that help would come because this is what God affirms in His word.

Furthermore, this edict for annihilation came out just one day before Passover. It was given on the 13th of Nisan, (Esther 3:12), and with the next day’s start of Passover, Mordecai must have surely seen a connection and remembered the promise that came with the Passover lamb; the redemption and creation of this nation. This must have strengthened him tremendously.

Every chapter of the Bible could be given a title of its own and Esther 6 should be labelled: For the anti-Semites. Something very unusual occurs here. As irrational as anti-Semitism is, so is God’s response so extraordinary.

Let us go to chapter 6. Here we find out, that one night for some unknown reason, the king could not sleep and something astounding occurs, see Esther 6:1, That night the king could not sleep. So one was commanded to bring the book of the records of the chronicles; and they were read before the king.

How come the king could not sleep and how did he come to ask to see these particular records? The rabbis imagined Michael the Archangel, the one who is taking care of Israel, sitting on Ahasuerus’ bed and moving the bed, not allowing him any sleep.

And that night, by divine intervention, a story was recounted to the king, pointing back to an event in Chapter 2:21-23 where Mordecai overheard the plot to kill the king, made by two of his servants. This plot was then made known by Mordecai to Queen Esther and so the king’s life was spared. Mordecai saved the king.

However, perhaps in the confusion or in his busy schedule, the king forgot to reward the one who saved his life, but God in His perfect omniscience and timing, kept this information for a more opportune moment. It would be on this very night when the king would have the valiant story of Mordecai read to him, and Ahasuerus would now realize that this man was not yet rewarded.

How extraordinary! At the same time as there is a decree to annihilate all the Jews, the king sought to reward a Jewish man who saved his life.…only God can orchestrate such things. Strategic synchronism! This comes just on the heels of Haman’s plan to ask the king to have Mordecai put on the gallows. What instead happens? The king tells Haman to lead Mordecai on horseback throughout town proclaiming that the king delights to honor this man (Mordecai).

After this humiliation, Haman finds himself disoriented and lost and so he goes to his wife Zeresh for comfort and what she tells him is something out of this world, something supernatural! She tells him, “If Mordecai, before whom you have begun to fall, is of Jewish descent, you will not prevail against him but will surely fall before him.”  6:13

This is what is written in the Word of God. This is quite a statement coming from the mouth of those who are not Jewish – and who had the Jews as captives in their own country – and who also hated them. There was a sudden change of mind. And this statement is made just a day after Zeresh had suggested to Haman to build a gallows for Mordecai. This is reminiscent of the story with Ballam – he wanted to curse the Jews but all he could do was bless them.

The same thing happened here. Zeresh and Haman’s friend could not curse the Jews, but instead warned that anti-Semitism will not prevail against them.  God’s name might be hidden but His agenda is clear and consistent (Jerm. 31:35-37).

This is our Bible. It recognizes eternal Israel and shows how God is so involved in protecting her and if this is true of Israel, it is true of everyone who has Yeshua as his or her personal Savior.


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