Since the beginning of the year, we were hearing of wars and rumors of wars and of natural disasters like this powerful earthquake last week. And while these things are going on, other events are working their way up to completing this huge puzzle concerning end times prophecies.

In our study of Revelation, we have seen that world religions will unite. In Scripture it is called mystery Babylon, a system of beliefs that will lure people away from God and the Scriptures. And this has begun to rise. There is at this moment a race toward this ecumenism where many are trying to unite Christianity, Islam and Judaism, seeking a common ground for these 3 religions.

We remember back in 2019 when the Pope visited the city of Ur, Abraham’s birth place, and with representation from Islam and Judaism also present, it was when a decision was taken to build a house of prayer for all three groups. Its name would be the Abraham Family House. Well, just last Thursday, this home for world ecumenism opened in the United Arab Emirates. It is also called, the House of One and some people have coined it the Chur-mosqua-gogue.

Three buildings are positioned side by side and last week was the first shabbat service of this synagogue. The authorities in Abu Dhabi said that the complex will act as “a cultural and architectural beacon of peaceful human coexistence that represents each of the Abrahamic faiths”.

But what does this Abraham Family House represent for us? This is another link to the long chain of many prophecies paving the way to the Mystery Babylon when leaders of major world religions will eventually gather to try to form one world religion. This is done under the banner that we all worship the same God in different ways: this is an attractive thought but cannot be true for God cannot contradict Himself. There is only one God who declares Himself through Yeshua, who gathers people of all nations. The Bible is as exclusive as truth is.

We also have another active group, similar in their goals, who are seeking to build the third Temple with the belief and hope that it will unite all 3 major religions. This is the Interfaith Encounter Association. This group composed of Jews, Muslims and Christians are very active with regular newsletters, promoting the building of the Temple.

One of the fascinating things that strikes us is when we see some Moslem countries welcoming Israel, like the United Arab Emirates along with a few others in the Gulf area.

Why are these countries pro-Israel while others, that is, the greater majority are not? It may be since some of these Gulf countries are of Semite origin while the majority of the others are from Ham’s lineage. This may play a role in their appreciation for Israel. We remember that in Ezekiel’s prophecy, some Moslem countries will stand up for Israel during the war of Gog and Magog, like Sheba and Dedan ( Ezek.38:13), these being descendants of Keturah, Abraham’s wife after the death of Sarah ( 1 Chronicles 1:33).