We have often spoken of those rumors of wars around us, and they are roaring louder and louder. Without sounding as too much of an alarmist, it would seem that western countries are increasingly setting themselves up for a major conflict with the East, with Russia at its head.

Two weeks ago, two neutral countries, Sweden which has been neutral for 200 years and Finland, both spoke of intending on applying for membership to NATO, which has become the archenemy of Russia.

In return, Russia has warned there will be consequences should they join NATO, whose mandate is that an attack on one of its allies is like an attack on all. Russia sees this as a threat to its security. Let’s not forget that Russia said they will use nuclear weapons if they feel their security is jeopardized.

Furthermore, eight days ago, the British Prime Minister visited both countries and signed a security declaration with Sweden, pledging UK military support should it come under attack. He made the same commitment to Finland.

Now, these are serious rumors of war, and they are increasing with time and again, all these things are in accordance with the prophetic calendar. We have the West, the Kingdom of the Beast as Daniel and John prophesied about in great length, against the East, the Kingdom of Gog and Magog as both Ezekiel and Daniel prophesied about in great length.

The evidence of this two-sided war is more present than ever before in history. We don’t know who the Beast or the Antichrist is. He has not yet been revealed, but we can as easily perceive the roaring in the horizon for Western Europe now needs a ruler who will unite the people.

We are very careful not to take pieces of news and force them to fit the biblical calendar, but we have come to a point in history, where it is becoming easier, and more obvious as to the overall direction this world is taking. However, and this is important, what we are seeing today looks so much like the way fulfilled prophecies of the Bible came to be realized.

Comparing today’s prophecies with fulfilled prophecies in the Bible, like those of the Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek and Roman invasions of Israel, along with the many details, we have strong points in common with those yet unfulfilled; these prophecies were very gradual in their fulfilment until they reached a point where toward the end, the events then accelerated and became more pronounced until their final realization. It looks like we are slowly reaching this point with end time prophecies.

However, even when considering fulfilled prophecies, even right to the end, the LORD often gave times of relief, an opportunity for repentance and confession, and these lapses of time were times of grace where the prophets redoubled their efforts to warn and to present the Gospel of God.

It is very easy to disregard these signs around us today and perhaps to forget them all together, but what if they were God’s call to us so that we may also double our efforts in prayer, in evangelism, in love for the world around us.

Even if we err in our accuracy or timing as to when these future prophecies will be realized, nevertheless we will win for we can all agree that our world needs prayer and the love of God. One thing we are sure of is that we the believers,  are the ambassadors carrying that responsibility.