Last week the modern state of Israel celebrated her 74th year of Independence, Yom Ha’atzmaut. Israel’s re-birth date, confirms for us, year after year, Ezekiel’s incredible prophecy, a prophecy we are now actually living through, that is, the re-establishment of this country. While Israel is surrounded by so many enemies which in unison overtly declare their hatred and their desire to have the people of this land wiped out of existence, and while foes even within the land itself are today becoming louder in their hatred, this country is still here because of God’s desire and will.

Israel’s presence at this very time, is fruit of a prophecy that Yeshua gave 2000 years ago. In Mark 13:28 He spoke these words: “Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near.” This prediction was given in the midst of Jesus’ end time prophecies. In this chapter He speaks about the Fig Tree, which represents national Israel, which from the time those words were uttered, had withered and disappeared from the scene. However, lo and behold and against all odds and against the fires of great antisemitism and holocausts, Israel rose again as Yeshua said it would. This happened on May 14th, 1948 and, despite so great opposition, it is holding strong and this too, by the grace of God. While the prophecy speaks of branches and leaves, it does not yet speak of fruits. In the illustration, these would be spiritual fruits like the proclamation of the Word of God as Israel was originally called to do, but not right now.

Israel is back as a country, in unbelief, for the start of the end times prophecies, as well as for the preparation for war as the prophets predicted will occur before the Second Coming. We are reminded over and over of the shadow of war and antisemitism that is coming on this earth. Many of you must have noticed the comment made by Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavlov.

When asked why does Russia speak of de-nazifying Ukraine when its president Zelensky is Jewish, he responded with an old pre-WW2 libel, which says that Hitler had Jewish blood and that the greatest antisemites are Jews implying that Russia was coming to clean out Ukraine of Jews and Nazis. This rumor that Hitler had Jewish blood was invented in the 1920’s to accuse the Jews of the unrest in the world. Things have not changed much since then and it will not be too long from now when, along with the Israel’s enemies, other countries, like Russia, will follow suit. From this perspective the war of Gog and Magog becomes more and more of a reality.

As for Hitler’s family ties with the Jews, because they could not trace who his grandfather was, for his father was born out of wed-lock, they figured he must be Jewish. The legend says that his grandmother worked for a Jewish family, the Frankenberger family in the city of Graz in Austria in the 1830’s and she fell pregnant by the son. However, there was no Jewish Frankenberger family in Gratz in the 1830’s. In fact, there were no Jewish families in that city for the simple reason that Jews were not allowed to live in Gratz. All of this is a fabricated story to accuse and revive an old lie which faults the Jews for all these ills.

Yeshua said in His prophecy that Israel’s presence will be a fact, until summer is near, meaning, until His coming as the Sun of Righteousness when He will come back to bring peace on earth; this time is so near and so close. Israel’s presence, her struggles and the mounting hatred, remind us of this great truth. This birthday also reminds us of the words of David in Psalm 122 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”. Prayer for Jerusalem, for Israel, is also praying for peace in the world and for the fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant when all the earth will be blessed.

Israel will play a major role in the coming world events and we here at Beth Ariel are keeping a watchful eye on this nation and how it relates to the prophecies; very exciting times are ahead.