We have been praying for her peace. This is what Christians are called to do.

We continue to lift up the many families of civilians killed, soldiers murdered and hostages taken. The war against terrorism and the right for Israel to exist has had devastating effects on both Israel and innocent civilians living in Gaza. Nevertheless, terrorism and Israel’s existential threat must be fought. If you want to financially support the victims the soldiers the reservists then please consider donating to this cause.

We at Beth Ariel Congregation have a direct connection with messianic congregations in Israel and the funds raised will help support Israeli families who have been through tragedy, as well as soldiers and reservists who are fighting. Some of these soldiers and reservists are Messianic (Jewish believers in Jesus/ Yeshua).

There will be a large scale land invasion of Gaza. Please continue to pray for the safety and protection of the soldiers so that all of Hamas can be destroyed. Please pray as well for the minds and hearts of those who would be swayed toward evil amidst this growing rise of worldwide anti-Semitism and anti- Zionism. Evil will not end until the Messiah returns, so we pray as well for His soon coming to heal the hate and restore His kingdom.

You may donate to help Israel today through the link below at CanadaHelps. Please indicate that the funds are for the “Support for Israel”. You will receive an official tax deductible donation receipt from us.

Please keep Israel in your prayers because ultimately peace in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) means peace for the world.